Sex Doll Videos

Ever wondered what the doll of your dreams may look like on video rather than the few photos on the screen? What could she look like dressed in different styles and environments, different poses and wigs? Well, we've been working hard at putting up all the videos that the manufacturers provide us - we've now got a Vimeo channel with over 100 videos!

Here are a couple of highlight videos:


SE Doll

New manufacturer SE Doll, from the same group of companies that bring us the well-loved, hugely popular and trusted brand WM Doll, have a video for just about every doll they have built, take a look!




WM Doll

WM Doll have a number of videos of promotional material including those which showcase their torso sculpts and specific models. 

Here's WM's torso sculpt showcase - the most popular torsos are put through their paces below.   


 The full showcase of WM promotional videos can be found here:




Sino Doll

The stunningly realistic silicone dolls made by Sino can be found here, including a video of hyper-realism painting - Sino's most realistic and beautiful texturing yet! 



Siliko Doll

 Siliko Doll are creating a lot of buzz at the moment with their sensational sculpts, take a look at why they're capturing so much attention below



Piper Doll

What video collection would be complete without the girls from Piper Doll? Take a look and see whether your favourite appears! 



Irontech Doll 

Irontech are a premium and reputable brand with a history of standing by their excellent product. They have a tonne of videos to keep you busy!  


Jiggle Demonstration Videos!

We all want to know what jiggles best and which looks softest, here are some jiggle, wiggle and squeeze demos from some of our brands!



Male Dolls

Little known fact - we also sell male dolls! Let all your female friends know - they're catered for here! The first video is the famous Charles from Irontech, even if you're not into male dolls, most doll fans will appreciate it's a very cool video with a really detailed and well defined sculpt - we love him!




Maintenace & Skeleton Demo Videos

We'll be adding any maintenance videos that might help customers look after their dolls here, this includes both TPE and Silicone maintenance videos, how to use the Piper Doll magic tangle-free brush, and more!



We can't possibly post all the videos here - for more videos check out our page on Vimeo.


July 05, 2020