DollHouse 168 Classic | Torso Sex Doll | Koi

£990.00 GBP

The Doll House 168 Original Series (also referred to as the Classic series) contains some of the first love doll designs to be produced by Dollhouse 168. They are a beautiful doll, with classic features and striking proportions, this series is particularly popular amongst doll collectors and enthusiasts.

The neck and body feature the widely used M16 connector, making them compatible with other manufacturer’s head and body designs, perfect for true customisation.

Size & Info

Height: 92cm / 3ft 0
Weight: 25kg / 55lbs
Bust: 82cm
Under bust: 62cm
Waist: 52cm
Mouth depth: 14cm 
Vagina depth: 18cm 
Anal depth: 16cm 
Material: TPE

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