Real Oral Structure - Sex Doll with Teeth

Real Oral Structure (ROS) - Available on Selected Sex Dolls Now!

Everyone is talking about Real Oral Structure (ROS), so we’re answering all the big questions: What is Real Oral Structure (in a Sex Doll)? How do I get Real Oral Structure? Which brands are working on ROS for near future release? Is there any extra cost? Realistic blowjobs from your favourite sex dolls have finally arrived people, and they call it... ROS. 💋
Sex Dolls are heavy

Weight Reduction, Mini Sex Dolls & Light Weight Doll Options

Looking for a smaller sex doll that isn't too heavy? Check out our tips what to look for if you're in the market for something a little smaller. Weight reduction is on the menu!
Ultra bounce Gel Breasts for Sex Dolls

Ultra Bouncy Gel Breasts for Sex Dolls...

Have you been wondering which sex dolls can have gel breasts? Or what exactly the difference is between gel, hollow and solid - and indeed whether they're worth the price of admission? We go over some points!
WM Doll's New Ultra Sonic Sex Doll Cleaning Kit

WM Doll's New Ultra Sonic Sex Doll Cleaning Kit

The New WM Intelligent Cleaning set! Just press the Start button & let the machine do the dirty work for you, video available.
Beautiful Sex Dolls

Silicone Lovers Welcomes 6 New Manufacturers!

We've added 6 new doll manufacturers! That's good news for you - more heads than ever to try on, a wider range of options! Take a look and get to know some of the highlights of our new manufacturers - Doll Sweet, XY Doll, SE Doll, Future Doll, Sino Doll and Siliko Doll... More brands, more beauties!
Vampire Sex Dolls - New Vampire Teeth and Tongue Sets

Vampire Sex Dolls - New Vampire Teeth and Tongue Sets

New handcrafted tongue and teeth set available now, including a split succubus tongue, vampire teeth, and a standard set of teeth and tongues that can be mix and matched for unique looks and photographs. Add new character and role-play experiences to your sex doll repertoire!
The best sex positions for sex dolls

The Best Sex Positions to try with Your Sex Doll

Try some of these sex positions with your love doll today! We discuss how to get dolls into the correct position, and how to do the cowgirl and reverse cowgirl!
Silicone sex dolls vd TPOE sex dolls

Silicone Sex Dolls vs TPE Sex Dolls

TPE and silicone are used to make the sex dolls we see today, but what exactly is TPE, how are love dolls made? Which is best for sex dolls? Let's compare...
Fantasy Sex Dolls

The Most Popular Fantasy Sex Dolls

Ever started falling in love with a fantasy girl on your movie, game or TV show? We've all been there. Here are 5 fantasy girls that have been given the sex doll treatment. Take a peak and see if one of your fantasy girls is inside.
Are sex dolls legal?

Are Sex Dolls Legal in my Country? Importing a Sex Doll

Which countries have legal restrictions on sex dolls? In some countries, sadly, it is illegal to import sex dolls, but in most countries, it's absolutely fine! Check the list if you're unsure.