LD 167cm D - USA Stock


This doll is available to customers in the USA only. She's in stock at our warehouse in Los Angeles, she’s all put together beautifully and ready to send out to a new home. She could be all yours in just a few days...

Looking for an affordable yet high-quality sex doll? Look no further... Introducing Lushdoll, gorgeous designs with a very reasonable price tag,  exclusively available at Silicone Lovers.

A perfect doll for first-time buyers, she's been designed with realism, movability, affordability and human accuracy in mind, with particular attention paid to the naughty bits. If you're looking for that fantasy petite girl experience without the high price tag, this is your girl!

At 167cm tall and 87lbs (37kg), she's about average weight for a sex doll, not super heavy, but also not too light. This girl has a supermodel body with perfect breasts and a gorgeous flat stomach. She has nice chunky thighs and a beautiful overall shape to her legs (no chicken legs). With owl glass curves and those sexy hips, she's a dream come true... 

A big juicy but, super realistic pussy, perfect titties, chunky fat thighs and a drop-dead gorgeous face... Wat more can you ask for? This girl has it all... and to top it all off, she's very affordable!

Lushdoll focus on affordability without compromising on quality, they create premium quality sex dolls, made from high-quality TPE that's soft to touch for that authentic feeling whilst still being hardwearing for longevity. This doll has a fully articulated EVO skeleton made from high-quality metals which attribute to her great flexibility, enabling many realistic poses and positions. She comes with movable eyes and an EVO skeleton including shrugging shoulders by default.  

Please note that this doll has some lip gloss on her lips, and lubricant added to her vagina during her photo shoot, to give that extra realistic look. The dolls don't come with lipgloss or lubricant, but you can very easily add them yourself at home.  💄💋


What's in the box? 📦

Configuration: Same as photo

1 x Lushdoll 167cm D cup Body (Same as photo - Tan)
1 x Head #4 (Same as photo - Tan)
1 x Enhanced Mouth
1 x Wig #7 (Same as photo)
1 x Fixed Vagina 
1 x Articulated Fingers
1 x Standing Feet
1 x EVO Skeleton
1 x Shrugging Shoulders
1 x Blue Eyes (Movable)
1 x Gel Breast

The doll you will receive is exactly the same as photo, including the body, head, wig, eyes, skin and all upgrades.


Size & info

Brand: Lushdoll

Body: Lushdoll 167cm D cup
Height: 167cm
Weight: 37kg (87lbs)

Cup: D cup
Bust: 77.5cm
Underbust: 62.5cm
Waist: 54.5cm
Hip: 90cm

Arm Length: 68cm
Mouth To Vagina: 68cm
Arm Girth: 21cm
Wrist Girth:  12cm
Thigh Girth: 51cm
Calf Girth: 31cm
Ankle Girth: 18cm
Shoulders: 34cm
Inside Leg Length: 81cm

Foot Length: 21cm
Vagina depth: 15cm 

Anal depth: 13cm
Oral depth: 12cm