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Kimi Doll 158cm

£1,100.00 GBP £935.00 GBP

Silicone Lovers presents the absolutely gorgeous Kimi, a super special edition doll, perfect for first-time doll owners with a smaller budget. Kimi is a full-size sex doll at 158cm tall. New to sex dolls? Pick up this bargain babe, you won't regret a thing!

She's made from high-quality TPE, specially formulated for sex dolls, giving her the perfect amount of bounce and realism. She has a fully articulated posable metal skeleton that gives her strength and mobility. Oh... and she's fully customisable at no extra cost! So you can have her just the way you want her... 

Size & info

Height: 158cm
Weight: 38.5kg
Bust: 85cm
Underbust: 72cm
Waist: 58cm
Hip: 87cm
Shoulders: 35cm
Leg length: 87cm
Arm Length: 68cm
Vaginal, Anal & Oral Capability: Yes

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