Piper Sex Doll Silicone Phoebe Elf in Stock Ready to Ship
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Piper Doll - Silicone Phoebe


The brand new silicone sex doll series from Piper is finally here... We heard the rumours, but none of us knew just how beautiful Phoebe would turn out to be!

Introducing... Silicone Phoebe Elf, the new and improved, with platinum super soft silicone and a jiggle so realistic it will blow your mind! Modelled after the hugely popular Piper Pheobe Elf original, she doesn't disappoint! 

Piper Dolls are one of the most popular doll brands on the market, meticulously designed and brought to life by the great Mizuwali (A legendary designer and photographer in the sex doll world). Piper Dolls are best known for their incredible design and their exceptional quality. They are hand made from Piper Doll’s unique Platinum Silicone blend. A defining feature is the seamless neck join and body, truly unique from any other manufacturer - The heads are not interchangeable, body customisations are still available.

The silicone models come with the upgraded EVO skeleton as default - a posable metal skeleton is designed to imitate movements similar to humans, enabling all sorts of realistic positioning and flexibility, including full squats. 

*Please note, silicone dolls do not have oral capability. 



Configuration: Custom made
Skin Tone: Tan
Wig #: 5
Eye Colour: Blue
Lip Colour: Natural
Lips: Coating
Areola Colour: Light Brown
Areola Size: 5cm
Labia Colour: Light Brown
Fingernail colour: Pink French Manicure
Toenail Colour: Pink French Manicure
Feet: Non-Standing
Bonus Upgrades: Hard Hands, Hard Feet, Soft Hips


Size & Info

Material: Platinum Silicone
Height : 130 cm
Weight: 23 kg 
Shoulder: 29.5 cm
Bust: 76.7 cm
Cup: D cup
Under Bust: 54.2 cm
Waist: 48.6 cm
Hip: 82cm
Length of Arm: 44.1 cm
Length of Leg: 68 cm
Length of Foot: 19 cm
Depth of Anal: 14 cm
Depth of Vagina: 17cm
Skeleton: EVO (Default)
Hanging Hook capabilities: Yes
Oral function: No
Vagina: Fixed Only
Ultra Realistic Makeup: Yes
Breasts: Gel Implant (Default)
Pubic hair implanting: Optional
Hair & eyebrow implanting: Not available  


This doll is not available to customers in Australia, UK and Norway due to import restrictions for sex dolls. If you are unsure of your local rules, have a quick look at our Guidance on Local Restrictions before purchase, alternatively, feel free to contact one of our friendly team members.

We check every order manually, and we will always ensure import requirements are met before commencing fabrication, so there’s no need to worry, we’ll look after you!