High Quality Sex Doll

Where do we source our sex dolls from?

We source our dolls from multiple, reputable sex doll brands.
All of our sex dolls are made by high-quality sex doll manufacturers.

How do we choose our sex doll manufacturers?

Before we partner with a sex doll manufacturer, we ensure the dolls meet strict criteria. The very fundamentals being that their relevant health and safety compliance paperwork needs to be up to scratch, the design and build quality need to be second to none and the brand needs a history of excellent customer feedback and customer demand/ reputation. The supplier we deal with needs to be reliable and be willing to stand behind the product they sell if there are any issues. 

There are a lot of inferior love dolls on the market made from poor quality, recycled TPE, using harmful chemicals, so health and safety standards/ quality control are a number one priority for us.  We ensure that the materials used are safe for our customer's health.

The design is also obviously a top priority. We're firm believers in only supplying well designed and high-quality sex dolls, we want to be able to get behind our sex dolls (pardon the pun) and feel confident and proud to be offering them. There’s no point in having a flashy website and awesome customer service if you are selling low quality, poorly designed sex dolls. We listen a LOT to our customer's feedback and read a LOT on The Doll Forum to note what's good and bad about each individual doll design. 

Are your dolls high-quality sex dolls or cheap sex doll replicas?

We only ever supply 100% authentic high-quality sex dolls from the original manufacturer's who own the rights to the product design. We never sell replicas.

Our customers are continually having their expectations exceeded and we want to keep it that way. Repeat customers are way more common than many might expect. This also means that the manufacturer needs to have our back and be willing to fix any problems as they arise. The other criteria that come into play are, if brands demonstrate that they are very customer-oriented e.g. Brands such as WM Dolls, Irontech, 6YE, Piper Dolls really have their ear to the ground at TDF (The Doll Forum) and take on board customer suggestions for sculpting new faces or even ideas for photoshoots. Piper Dolls have listened to their customers need for tailored outfits and have worked hard to release their new range of bespoke clothing. Brands also need to have the TDF member tick of approval in the sense that members talk about them in a very positive way and they have a great reputation.  In the end, it’s really the customer who decides if the product is amazing or not.

Do you only sell TPE sex dolls? 

Currently, we have a few silicone heads but all our bodies are made from TPE, which is softer than silicone and a firm favourite for customers partly due to its price point. We have recently partnered with Sanhui Dolls who produce silicone sex dolls exclusively and we will be providing their full range in the near future. 

Additionally, many of our manufacturers have started to release sex dolls with Silicone Heads and a TPE body. This is a relatively new product design, it’s an incredible way of getting both a super soft & realistic bounce with the body and a hyper-realistic face, it’s proving to be quite popular so far…

Which Sex Doll Brands Do You Supply?

The brands we carry as of October 2019 are:

The Jinsan range which includes the following brands: WM Dolls, YL Dolls and OR Dolls.

We also carry Irontech Sex Dolls, Piper Dolls, Dollhouse 168, D4E (Doll4Ever), JY Dolls, 6YE Premium & Amor. 

Due to customer requests and feedback, we have recently partnered with: Sanhui, HR Dolls, IL Dolls, SM and AF Dolls and have a few others on our hit list. 

We hope to have their full range available in early 2020. Watch this space! 




October 23, 2019