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Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the fabulous Silicone Lovers Mini Award Ceremony!

When we first started Silicone Lovers back in 2018, we had a mission; we wanted to provide the best website we could, with the best customer service we could, and partner with the best sex doll manufacturers in the world to support the sex doll community in the best way we could. It was a big dream, and we were staring down the barrel of a gun.

Six years later, Silicone Lovers is the customer's number one choice for the crème de la crème of high-quality dolls from the world’s most sensational brands like Zelex, WM, Lushdoll, SE, Irontech, Starpery, Piper, Tayu and many more. Our star-studded partnerships with the worlds most famous sex doll manufacturers has not only filled your bedrooms with drop dead gorgeous love dolls, it's also helped us snag a whole bunch of amazing awards. It's fair to say, we have been successful in our mission, yet we feel like we're just getting started. 

These awards we’re flaunting? They’re not just dust collectors to put up on the shelf in the spare bedroom; they’re hard evidence of the exceptional service we provide here at Silicone Lovers, and to be honest, although they might be super cheesy, we're proud of them. 😁

We know it's not cool to blow your own trumpet, we prefer letting our customers shine the spotlight on our best moments (check out our reviews).

However, occasionally, it's okay to give yourself a pat on the back and bask in a bit of well-deserved glory and given how far we've come, we think it's okay just this once. So, here’s a massive pat on the back and thank you to all our partners, our incredible loyal customers, and the whole Silicone Lovers team. You’re the true MVPs, and we wouldn’t be here without you!

P.S. You might be thinking… you sell a lot more brands than just the above mentioned ones, where are the awards from all the other brands? Well… Not all brands give out awards, but if they did, I'd bet my bottom dollar we'd receive the “Top Reseller Award” for all of them.

Okay, gloating over. Thank you, we love you… Good night! 😝 🥇 🥂 🏆 🤘

Silicone Lovers Awards Poster

Awards from Left to right:

Irontech: “Outstanding Vendor 2023”
Irontech: “Top Seller 2022”
Starpery: “Top Reseller 2021”
Starpery: “Top Reseller 2023”
Zelex: “Top Reseller 2022”
SE Doll: “Top Reseller 2022”

SE Doll: “Top Reseller 2023"

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