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How To Maintain Your Silicone Doll

Investing in a sex doll may be a very exciting thing and your initial usage will be a novel and fun experience. But the very reasons you make the purchase will also be the ones for taking all possible steps to keep your doll in the best possible condition.

After all, having a doll is not just about having pleasure available whenever you want; it is about something that does not go grey and wrinkly, need feeding or answer back.

However, the ultimate thing that makes a sex doll realistic is the feel of it. That is the prime purpose. After all, who buys such a doll just to look at it?

Like any silicone sex toy, there will be issues to consider of wear and tear, but also looking after the material and also in maintaining hygiene. After all, not only will you be vigorously carrying out abrasive movements for your own enjoyment, but you may often ejaculate inside them. This is as true of a sex doll as it is with other toys like Fleshlights.

This means that the first rule is hygiene. A wet sex toy, whatever the fluid involved, is a breeding ground for bacteria, and the last thing you want is an infection.

For this reason, you should look to clean your doll (as you would any other toy), using soap and water, while using restoration powder to help dry it and maintain the strength and chemical integrity of the material. You should also be storing it in a dry place, clean and free of infection.

Equally, it is important to use the right kind of lubricant. There are silicone lubes that are absolutely fine to use, despite some urban myths that they degrade the material. But there are some things you absolutely should not use, like Vaseline, which can degrade any kind of rubber.

You may not be dealing with a real human who will get old, but like any manufactured product, your doll needs looking after to stay clean and avoid the damage and deterioration that could make it last a lot less time than it should.

August 03, 2023