Beautiful Sex Dolls

Wow! What a busy month we've had here at Silicone Lovers!

We've had Piper Doll surprise us with the release their first all silicone doll. A silicone version of their most popular doll Akira. Mizuwali the lead designer and photographer of Piper Doll obviously wasn't listening when others used the phrase "you can't improve on perfection", because he's done it yet again!

Piper Doll Silicone - 160cm Akira (V2)


In other news - we've added 6 new manufacturers (!!!) to our store - we'd love to take a moment and give you a quick introduction to them. 


SE Doll

SE Doll 167cm E cup - Natasha

Let's begin with SE Doll as they will be the most familiar. You already are probably quite familiar with WM Doll, but did you know WM is made in the Jinsan factory? The Jinsan factory also make dolls for the brands YL and OR, as well as SE Doll. So SE Doll has a natural home here amongst our other Jinsan manufactured brands.

SE Doll Highlights:

  • Material - TPE
  • compatible skin tones and heads/torsos with WM, YL and OR
  • M16 connector for compatible heads with other vendors (via our colormatch service)
  • highly realistic vagina/vulva/labia sculpts, if you love flaps, you'll love SE Doll
  • the same quality we have come to expect from WM, YL and OR
  • the same upgrades as WM, YL, OR available such as gel breasts
  • Looking for a new body for your extra WM head? SE Doll could be the answer - a whole new set of torsos for your to take a look at
  • Gamers and cosplay lovers will enjoy the elf princess Amanda and elf princess Samantha dolls as well as Tia's cosplay of the Alita: Battle Angel universe
  • Fans of realistic dolls and down sized minidolls are well catered for too. 


 Siliko Doll

Siliko 150cm G cup - Aimi

A new player in the silicone doll field, but a company owned and staffed by experienced doll makers, comes Siliko Doll. Some incredibly realistic dolls out of the gate which have captured immediate attention. They specialise in super-realism and make premium medical grade silicone dolls.


Siliko highlights:

  • Super customizable - eyes, lips, labia, nipples, just about everything we've come to expect with TPE dolls is available
  • Real skin texture upgrade (shown below)
  • Implanted hair and eyebrows (shown below)
  • limited choices - I KNOW that sounds like a bad thing, but when you have 400 heads to pick from for your WM Doll, sometimes just a few is a nice change 


XY Doll

XY Doll are a vendor which has recently been vetted, verified, and approved by The Doll Forum (a forum of over 60,000 doll fans). They make silicone heads and TPE bodies, which allows for greater amounts of detail where you want it and softness where you need it, hyper realistic face and super soft naughty bits!

They are very active on The Doll Forum and are taking a lot of community feedback and striving to make the best product on the market. They have been praised for their realistic and natural looking dolls and improvements to love hole placement. 

XY Doll 168cm Tan - Isabel


XY Doll highlights:

  • permanent makeup
  • implanted hair upgrade available
  • customization options for areola, labia, eyes, fingernail. pubic hair and skin. 
  • eyes and skin are quite realistic (shown below - notice the blood vessels in the eye)


Future Doll

Future doll make all silicone dolls - head and body, they are high definition dolls with a super realistic look and feel. Launched in 2020, they are a new company formed by doll makers with years of industry experience. 

Future Doll 165cm C - Sarah

 All Future Dolls are made as is, no customization required.  

Future Doll highlights:

  • real feeling ultra-soft breasts
  • fixed vagina with ultra-soft inner
  • whole body painting for super realistic skin (veins etc - see video below)
  • mechanically movable eyes for easy rotation
  • implanted eyebrows as well as lower eyelashes
  • shrugging shoulders, hinged neck, hands and feet


Sino Doll

Sino Doll 162cm E - Linyin

Sino Doll are a premium silicone doll maker, and as the manufacturer says "Sino Dolls are not simply silicone sex dolls, they are a work of art." They are one of the foremost brands for reasonably priced silicone dolls at the moment and a big name in the industry. 

They have an impeccable reputation for building excellent dolls with highly durable, highly flexible softness, and with a believable human skin feeling and realistic look. 

Sino Doll highlights:

  • Good/Better/Best upgrade options for skin texturing - Good: standard doll makeup, Better: smooth matte finish, Best: hyper realism (hyper realism shown in video below)
  • ultra soft breasts, vagina, ass and inner thigh options
  • sideways bending skeleton
  • extremely competitive pricing
  • very customizable
  • no bolt standing option - great if you want realistic looking feet or have a foot fetish
  • bikini lines option
  • uterus upgrade
  • implanted hair, eyebrows and pubic hair


Doll Sweet (DS Doll)

Doll Sweet and EX Doll create beautiful silicone dolls, their Summit range are some of the most realistic dolls ever made. DS Doll come in 3 flavours - standard, EVO and Summit. The Summit are "as photo" only and cannot be customized - but you can't improve on perfection! Standard and EVO range are fully customizable and allow swapping of heads. 

This is Jodie, one of the Summit dolls:

DS Doll Summit 152cm Jodie


DS Doll highlights:

  • Fixed head on the Summit range (seamless neck joint just like Piper Doll) - adds to the realistic look of the doll
  • Fixed vagina & standing feet
  • HD sculpture details
  • Ultra-realistic skin
  • Waxworks level make-up which is applied to the whole body
  • Full-body colour painting
  • Fingers and toe skeleton joints (no more finger wires!)
  • Implanted hair, eyebrows and pubic hair options
  • S-Level Makeup upgrade, a permanent makeup done to studio standards
  • Plenty of customizable options (all except Summit series - Summit comes "as photo" only), loose or tight joints, areola and labia colour, finger joints etc. 


So I hope that's been enough to whet your appetite to see more of some of the fantastic dolls we've added - we've been working very hard to bring you the best dolls available in the world. As always, if you have any more questions or want to see factory photos of any of the dolls we offer, just get in touch on our live chat or send us an email to [email protected] 

And whilst you're browsing, why not check out our new video account over at it features a stack of videos of our old and new brands. 

July 05, 2020