The best sex positions for sex dolls

Thanks to this pandemic we have all been stuck in quarantine for weeks. We’ve watched Tiger King, we’re caught up on our Netflix watch list. We’ve even thought about looking at what’s on Amazon Prime, or heaven forbid what’s on Apple TV – the lengths boredom will drive us to! Well here’s some fun new things to try at home with your doll whilst you’re waiting out the coronavirus. Some good wholesome, sexy fun. A lot of customers stick with missionary and doggy and never stray much further, but variety is the spice of life, so why not try these new methods to achieve new planes of pleasure! If you’re a new doll owner or an old doll owner and you haven’t tried these sex positions, what are you waiting for!

We’ve done our best to assemble some of the positions that make it easiest on your back – thanks to COVID-19 we’re not getting as much exercise as we need right now, leading to a lot of sitting down for extended periods – go easy on those backs!


1.      M Position – Used To Achieve Cowgirl & Reverse Cowgirl

  • Standing doll required: ❌
  • Upgraded skeleton required: not for most
  • Easy on the back: ✅

If there are two main positions everyone wants to try, its doggy and cowgirl. But for some people, especially new doll owners, getting their dolls in these positions can be difficult, not to mention awkward because of the size and weight of their dolls. So, before we get started we need to learn some positioning basics. Cowgirl is probably the most difficult and sometimes requires double-jointed or upgraded skeleton – unfortunately, not all dolls were made equal in the skeleton department! We always recommend if you plan on photography or doing the more advanced pretzel-like kama sutra positions to get the best skeleton you can afford – standing feet option also helps, allowing you to get in more positions.

If you have a doll that is large and difficult to move or a bad back that prevents you hoisting the doll around, the M position is great for getting you into further positions. Here is what it looks like:

M Position

Photo credit: Hitchhiker42, TDF.

Once the doll is in this position with legs spread and knees bent and rotated, ankles outward to follow the lines of the shins it should look like an M if observed from the bottom of your bed. You can then move your legs under the arch of each of her legs so that your thighs are under hers and your naughty bits are touching. Now it’s just a matter of pulling her up by the torso onto your lap and she’s now riding you. This is one of the most ergonomically safe ways to get into this position and should be very little stress on the back, and should be minimal stress on the doll (always watch where her fingers go as they’re the most delicate!)

Reverse cowgirl should also be possible by manoeuvring yourself around underneath her and swinging her arms back around to your new torso position.

The M position is also great to go back into if you want to finish in missionary – it’s a very versatile and handy starter position!

🔥Hot tip: Remember to use the back jointly to arch or hunch the back, which will help tilt the hips so that missionary and doggy are easier to achieve and so that everything lines up nicely.

Here is a user describing from the doll’s point of view her experiences and a couple of fun extra twists you can try whilst in Cowgirl:

"Cowgirl is my absolutely favourite position.
There are just so many things you can do with it.
There are 4 basic leg positions that help keep it interesting.
(1) I can be in a sitting position and have my legs straight out and under (his) armpits. My feet become a pivot point allowing me to rock up and down.
(2) I can bend my knees and get into a squat position. Now my knees are the pivot point and this is a whole different sensation.
(3) I can bend my knees more and get into the traditional cowgirl position. I can lean forward and cross my arms on (his) chest. In this position, he is free to thrust up into me.
(4) And finally, I can shift to a fully prone position on top of (him) and bring my legs tightly together."

Daria, TDF.


2.      Seated On Chair

  • Standing doll required: ❌ (if forward-facing)
  • Standing doll required: ✅ (if rear-facing using feet to stabilize)
  • Upgraded skeleton required: ❌
  • Easy on the back: ✅ 

Turns out, furniture is a great tool to get into new positions. You can try on the stairs, over the table, anywhere around the house really, but a good one is just simply sitting in a chair. It is super easy on your back and the doll can straddle you and give you good eye contact. If the chair is an armchair you can put the doll’s legs over them and use the armrests as pivot points to bounce the doll up and down – just make sure to hold on and don’t drop her backwards!

Getting her over the arms of the armchair might be a strain for a bigger doll, with those you could try squatting her over a chair with no arms, or if she’s a doll with the standing upgrade, you can face her away from you and bounce her up and down on your lap from there.


3.      Corner Of The Bed

  • Standing doll required: ✅
  • Upgraded skeleton required: ❌
  • Easy on the back: ✅

The corner of the bed position is a little similar to the rear-facing doll in a chair, but the softness of the bed allows you to get under the doll much easier, allowing for better and more pleasurable contact. Also, you can lean right-back or even lay back whilst bouncing the doll up and down.


Corner of bed

Photo credit: Shotdot, TDF.

It may help to position her on or over a "work out ball" so as to support her a little better and get that bounce going. This will help make sure she doesn’t fall forwards – but be very careful not to drop her sidewards either.

The workout ball is helpful in these positions where the doll is bent over. It could even be incorporated into doggy style if it is slightly deflated – this way the doll will sink into it so that it doesn’t slip sidewards and It protects the hands and fingers which can be fragile. You’ll want to do this in the middle of the bed so there’s minimal risk when you start losing control, of the doll being thrust out of bed! 


4.      See-Saw Doggy

  • Standing doll required: ❌
  • Upgraded skeleton required: ❌
  • Easy on the back: ✅

If one of the things you like about doggy style is that the girl can bounce back against your lap, well See-Saw Doggy is here to help. Normally a doll which is flat on the bed for doggy style will of course simply stay in place and rely on you doing all the work and pushing.

However, if you place a number of pillows or blankets under your doll’s tummy until you make it so the doll can be pushed away from you, but always falls back down butt first into your lap, you’ve got a doll you can use for doggy where she’s doing most of the work! Great position for where you love doggy but you are tired or have a bad back.


5.      The Scissor

  • Standing doll required: ❌
  • Upgraded skeleton required: ❌
  • Easy on the back: ✅

If you like to get up close and personal with your doll, good eye contact and good depth, but you’re sick of missionary. Try The Scissor position. This is great for when you’re tired or have a sore back as you lay on your side and only need to make gentle motions to get good penetration and stimulation.

In this position the doll is laying on her back with one leg raised and bent at the knee, the other leg is flat on the bed or slightly bent to best accommodate the man. The man moves under the raised leg so that the leg on the bed is between his thighs, his crotch is then against the doll. At this point, the raised leg can be placed over the shoulder or positioned to whichever place is most pleasurable.



This position is a bit like the M position where it is a good starting position to be in, as from this position you can either pull the doll toward you to move her torso over you and into a cowgirl position or push her away and she will be in doggy.


6.      Raised missionary

  • Standing doll required: ❌
  • Upgraded skeleton required: ❌
  • Easy on the back: ✅

Depending on love hole placement (or LHP) and whether you’ve got a doll with a fixed or insert vagina, it can be a bit tricky sometimes to get into missionary and stay in when you’re new to dolls. This position is great if you’re still learning the ropes, or even if you’ve had a doll a while and usually just do missionary but want to try something a little different.

Basically it involves placing enough pillows under the doll’s butt that her vagina is the same height as your penis at a kneeling level. The doll's legs can be straight up in the air for you to hold onto.

This is an ideal position for when the partner is not as tall as you, which is going to generally be the case with dolls. It allows for a different angle of penetration which should increase pleasure, allows for good eye contact, and you can use the legs to change the tightness of your doll. Simply by bringing the legs together or slightly crossing them, the tightness will increase.


Enjoy!  😉

We encourage you to enjoy your doll, enjoy your time in getting to know your doll. And if you’ve got the house to yourself - why not get out of the bedroom! Once you’ve mastered these, think of all the tables, couches, and rocking chairs you could play on next! These days a sex swing no longer has to be suspended from a bolt in the ceiling, you can find over-the-door swings and tripod type swings which would work great for dolls. One of the best things you can do to maximize your longterm enjoyment is to join The Doll Forum and share what works for you. It's a great place to pick up new ideas, positions and tips from others as well. Good luck!

May 21, 2020