The Rise of The Sex Dolls

Human sex doll at brothel becomes more popular than real women.

A brothel in Vienna has forked out more than $10,000 USD on silicone sex dolls after they became more popular than the real women working at the brothel.

There’s no question, sex dolls are on the rise and they're here to stay. 

At the 'Kontakthof' brothel in the Austrian capital of Vienna, one sex doll by the name of “Fanny” proved such a hit with guests that she quickly became the most sought-after sex worker in the brothel! She wasn’t cheap, at $118 per hour, she is more expensive than some of the real women working at the same brothel.

The dolls are often booked for several days in a row and can only be booked with an advanced appointment. She is described as young, sexy and blonde with a slim figure.

Alexa | A human sex doll, ultra realistic love dolls 2019.


It appears that the popularity of sex dolls has spread through the nations with a growing number of brothels around the world now adapting to include the option of sex dolls but increasinly men are buying their own to have their very own doll at home. 

Peter Laskaris, the operating manager of two brothels in Vienna said sex dolls have become  a “trendy sex fetish”.*

Why are sex dolls becoming so popular?

Psychologist Gerti Senger explained why some men are more interested in sleeping with "Fanny" instead of a real woman. She said: “First, the men can do anything with the doll. Second, every intention is turned off, which can be a factor with a prostitute.” Does that mean that men simply want a woman who doesn't talk back, have emotions or have their own agenda? There may be an element of that but we don't think it's as dark as some perceive. We think there are many people who opt for dolls for companionship when they have a heart break or lose a partner. They may worship the female form and are passionate about photography or fashion. They may love cosplay or have any number of fetishes they can't always live out with their partner. 

We love sex dolls at Silicone Lovers, but we think some people might be looking into it all a bit too seriously. It seems odd and somewhat unfair to be psychologically analysing men in a very general way when people are so very different. People's personality and taste vary infinitely.

I guess we are all human and most crave the human form in one way or another, whether it be flesh and blood or not. 

What do you think?

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*Originally published in The Daily Star.

December 05, 2018