The Rise Of Transgender Sex Dolls

As the world has become more accepting of people’s different sexual and gender preferences, it makes sense that sex toys will adapt to cater for all fantasies. 

So, now that more people are registering as transgender, genderfluid or non-binary, silicone dolls that represent both sexes are becoming increasingly popular. 

In the 2021 Census, around 260,000 people in England and Wales revealed that their gender identity was different from the sex they were registered with when they were born. 

However, 2.9 million people (around six per cent) did not answer the question at all, suggesting there could be many more people who have not fully transitioned or aren’t totally confident in their new identity yet. 

Although the transgender movement began in the 1960s when the term was first used, over the last few years, huge steps have been made in the community. 

Big name transgender stars, such as Laverne Cox, Chaz Bono, Elliot Page, and Caitlyn Jenner, have made it easier for people to reveal their gender dysphoria and transition.

At the same time, many celebrities have come out as non-binary, including Sam Smith, Ruby Rose, Emma Corrin, Bella Ramsey, Sara Ramirez, Demi Lovato, and Cara Delevingne. 

The genderfluid look, therefore, has become increasingly common, with baggy T-shirts, suits, along with elaborate wigs, and glamorous jewellery particularly popular in this community. 

However, just like every person experiences gender differently, they also express their style differently.

Therefore, the best way to create your perfect transgender silicone doll is to find one you think is sexually attractive. Then you can add accessories, such as wigs and clothes, that really complete your ideal look. 

For some this may be an androgynous style, while others love full glitz and glamour.

September 01, 2023