The Sex Doll That Won A Wrestling Championship

One of the major instigators of change in the perception of sex dolls is the understanding and realisation that they play so many roles in people’s lives, from a way to spice up an existing relationship, a companion for people not ready for intimacy or a model for photographers.

However, one place where people are surprised that a love doll has found success is in the athletic world, and thanks to a rather unique set of circumstances, one particular doll has managed to win multiple championships in the world of professional wrestling.

Nicknamed the “Battle Doll”, Yoshihiko is a doll that wrestles matches for the Japanese wrestling company Dramatic Dream Team and has done on and off since 2005.

DDT is a somewhat unusual company, and given that Yoshihiko is not a wrestler, or even alive, he takes part in matches through what can only be described as a fascinating pantomime act with other wrestlers and assistants.

Other wrestlers will lead them through grapples and help them to execute moves as if the doll did the move to them, and assistants dressed in kabuki outfits will help Yoshihiko execute flips and diving moves and is treated by the audience, referee and other wrestlers as if the doll did the moves themselves.

Yoshihiko has taken part in world championship matches and has even won two championships along the way.

One of these is the KO-D Eight Man Tag Team championship with the help of three actual wrestlers, but the other championship was won by the doll on its own.

The DDT Ironman Heavymetalweight Championship can be won by anyone, anywhere and at any time, and has been won in an online auction, by three separate ladders, a steel folding chair, an autobiography, an invisible wrestler and by itself.

Yoshihiko, as well as another doll by the name of Akihiro, have also both won this championship, showing that love dolls are capable of so much more than people could possibly imagine.

September 27, 2023