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sex doll in space

Space is the final frontier for humanity, and as well as this, it is perhaps the loneliest place for a human being to exist and a place where a companion such as a love doll might be most beneficial.

Whilst the late cosmonaut Dr Valeri Polyakov said that there had been suggestions to bring a sex doll of some kind onto the Space Station Mir, it ultimately never happened, allegedly because of fears that some astronauts would fall in love with the doll instead of their spouses.

However, in an age where love dolls have become film stars, professional wrestling champions and championed works of art, it was inevitable that someone would attempt to send one into space.

Her name was Missy, and her story was somewhat unfortunate.

Missy, a low-cost blow-up doll, was attached to a weather balloon launched from Lake Tahoe that carried her 31,000 metres into the sky on the edge of space before the balloon burst and she plummeted towards her landing spot in Nevada.

She had to be adapted to the changes in atmospheric pressure during her flight to ensure she did not explode outright, and even with that in mind, she did not exit the flight unscathed.

Her left arm was ripped clean off by a crosswind, whilst her right leg suffered the damage from a rapid ascent before her right arm fell off as well and she broke free of the filming harness that was taking her, so she ultimately fell somewhere in the Nevada desert.

The footage was recovered, thankfully, so most of Missy’s voyage was thankfully captured, and she survived an amazing amount of radiation and extreme variations in temperature, highlighting their surprising robustness.

With rumours that SpaceX might be launching sex dolls as part of a sponsorship deal, this may not be the last flight of a love doll either.

November 06, 2023