Fantasy Sex Dolls

Let’s face it, we’ve all been there, playing a game or watching a movie or a tv show, and suddenly we start to fall in love with one of the characters. Maybe it’s a crush, maybe it’s a deep and long-lasting attraction to all women with even a passing resemblance to Carrie Fischer after you saw Princess Leia wearing her metal bikini in Return of the Jedi when you were 12. *Ahem*, we don’t judge.


Lego Leia

Jabba might not have worn clothes but he knew a thing or two about fashion

These female characters are beautiful, smart, quick-witted or quirky and we can’t help wondering what it’d be like if they’d just join us in the bedroom for a few minutes.  Luckily there’s something for everybody in the world of modern customizable sex dolls. After doing our previous article, Top Ten Most Amazing Elf Sex Dolls, It was only fair we visit some of those fantasy characters that didn’t make the cut.

If you want to buy a fantasy character sex doll, you can’t go past considering these girls. As always, click the link in the title for more (and racier!!) pictures.

These are the Silicone lovers most popular fantasy dolls, inspired by your fantasies! 

1. Jessica Rabbit – Piper Doll


Jessica Piper Doll

“I’m not bad I’m just drawn that way.”

Jessica Rabbit from Who Framed Roger Rabbit is one of the most famous femme Fatales of all time, certainly the most well-known redheaded cartoon sex symbol anyway. She’s such an enduring and instantly recognizable image that Piper Dolls, one of those most popular doll manufacturers, have created their own likeness for everyone to enjoy. And unlike the cartoon version which required you to pause at an exact moment to get a look up her dress – this Jessica Rabbit can show you what’s in there just by clicking the link above.

2. Fantasy Vampire 2 – YL Doll


Fantasy Vampire 2

"Unpleasant dreams!”

“Fantasy Vampire 2”?? Come on YL Dolls, we aren’t buying it, this is clearly Elvira. Cassandra Peterson played Elvira in Elvira’s Movie Macabre throughout the 80s and again from 2010-2014.  She’s one of the most famous and earliest sexy TV vampires. Long before Twilight gave us that vampire shimmer, and before True Blood was steaming up our screens, Elvira was being a goth cleavage queen on late-night TV. She was so iconic that even The Simpsons have a recurring character aptly named “Boobarella”.

3. Venus Three Breasts – Dolls Forever


Venus 3 Breasts

"Baby you make me wish I had three hands"

Until Total Recall was released in 1990, no one was quite sure why man was made with two hands and a mouth. Then along came Mary the three-breasted prostitute and everything started to make a lot more sense. The scene from the 1990 movie was such a standout that they even repeated it in the 2012 remake. Dolls Forever have been kind enough to allow anyone to satisfy our curiosity of what it’d be like to get it on with Mary, without the risk of Martian air making our head explode a-la Arnold Schwarzenegger.

4. Android 18 / Lazuli – DollHouse 168


Lazuli Android 18

"Fine, I'll take care of this."

Android 18, a tough sexy cyborg from Dragon Ball with infinite stamina and energy. She can be a little intimidating but I’m sure we can do our best to please her. We better, because as any Dragon Ball viewer knows, she can break your arms without a moment of hesitation (Vegeta reckons this would be “SAD FOR YOUUU”).

Dollhouse 168 has been kind enough to offer her in two versions, a more manga/anime accurate version with true to character breast size, and a stonking great big tits version for those who would’ve given her a boob upgrade (who doesn’t think of that when designing a cyborg?? Dr Gero I’m looking at you!).

A question we always get with this doll is "can we PLEASE get the wig?" - yes! You can request the Android 18 wig on any of our Lazuli models, including the big breasts version - and here she is!

Lazuli big breasts version


5. 2B from NieR Automata - WM Doll


2B Nier Automata

Yorha No. 2 Type B - or 2B for short, from the game Nier Automata, is the kind of android girl who can easily cut a man down, but she has been known to have fleeting moments of emotion, and even mercy every so often. Safewords might work with her, although we cannot confirm. 

If you've ever played the game and unlocked the "What are you doing?" trophy by trying to look up her skirt ten times - well - here's your chance for the real thing. She won't push you away this time. WM Doll has done a very faithful recreation - in fact, if you check out her official specifications in the Nier: Automata World Guide for her height, bust, hips and waist, you'll notice that WM Doll has nailed those to within a few centimetres. Thankfully they haven't made her weigh as much as the official specs (by about 120 kilograms!), so she's still perfectly portable and petite. 


6. Neytiri from Avatar – SM Dolls




Most people would remember James Cameron’s 2009 film Avatar, with their tall sexy natives of the planet Pandora. Well now SM Doll have given us the ability to purchase our very own native Na’vi female inspired by princess Neytiri herself. Neytiri was one of the main characters and love interests in the movie and will no doubt feature in the next three upcoming movies. 

If you’re a photographer get on this, because Avatar 2 is coming out next year (2021), she is about to make a very big come back and be a fun one to shoot with. There will definitely be a lot of attention on her in the coming months.


Even if you’re not a photographer, keep in mind that SM Dolls are amazingly good for customizations. You can start with a blue-skinned doll and end up with anything from a girl that looks a bit more like Mystique from X-Men, or closer to Mass Effect’s love interest Liara Tsoni.

We’ve not quite worked out how to get the Twi’lek “lekku” to stick out from the head, but you can always buy your blue babe a metal slave bikini…..

May 21, 2020