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dutch wife - sex dolls

Sex dolls can be called a number of different things, from silicone dolls to companion dolls. But did you know they can also be referred to as Dutch wives?

History of Dutch wives explained

Although this seems like a strange choice of name, it goes back a long time. A Dutch wife generally refers to something that supports someone else when they are sleeping. 

As well as being used for sex dolls, they are also the name given to a long bolster that props someone’s knee when they are on their side. 

It was first assigned to this object in the late 19th Century when Dutch traders typically spent lengthy periods of time away from their wives in the former Dutch colony of Indonesia. 

Therefore, missing the intimacy from their lovers at home, they renamed their bed partner their Dutch wife.

While the object was originally a bolster made out of bamboo, it has certainly evolved over time - and so too has its function. 

Indeed, as well as being used to stop men feeling lonely at night when they were far away from home, they also helped with the intense tropical heat. 

Coming from the Netherlands, they weren’t used to the heat and humidity of Indonesia, which is why the bamboo structure became so useful. 

The bolster would help cool them down at night, as the natural material was cooler than pillows or sheets. It also exposed as much of the body to the breeze as possible by cuddling up to it. 

Of course, the current use of Dutch wife also helps to stop guys feeling lonely at night, but it probably can’t be said to cool them down once they get excited.

How are they used in the 21st Century?

Over time, Dutch wives began to be used to refer to sex dolls, which also kept men company in the bedroom but for other reasons. 

These days, silicone dolls can be customised to suit every desire and practical consideration, allowing their owners to fulfil a specific fantasy if they want. As the dolls can be altered, from replacing wigs to changing eye colour, they can be adapted for different fantasies. 

There is also a huge choice when it comes to sex dolls. You could opt for ones with small breasts or huge ones, ample bottoms or a petite frame, larger figures or even just torsos. 

There are even ‘pregnant’ sex dolls for those who fancy nothing more, as well as male sex dolls for females or gay or bisexual men. 

The dolls are so realistic-looking nowadays that they really make the experience feel genuine, which is exactly what most people want - not an uncomfortable tube of bamboo. 

It’s certainly not hard to see how far Dutch wives have come over the last 150 years or so, from bolsters made out of natural materials to real-life dolls that look and feel just like people. 

This should be encouraging for silicone doll fans, as they could also improve vastly in the future too, making them feel as human-like as possible. 

October 13, 2023