Flight Case for Sex Dolls & Love Dolls | Lockable Storage with Wheels
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Flight Case for Sex Dolls


*Prices have been temporarily increased due to a significant rise in shipping rates during COVID. 

Protect your love doll with this hard-wearing lockable flight case with travel wheels. These flight cases are perfect for storage, travel and privacy! Simply lock your doll away in this case and no one can access it without the key! Perfect for owners who want to keep their doll a secret!

Flight cases are made by our doll manufacturers and are unique for each brand. Be sure to let us know exactly what doll you plan to use your flight case for, so we can ensure it fits perfectly. 

  • Flight cases come directly from the manufacturer and are made to order, delivery times can be extended by up to three weeks. 
  • Cases are shipped in a cardboard box, or bubble wrap, with your doll safely inside.
  • We cannot accept any liability for occasional courier damage to your flight case.

 Size & weight



Approximate Exterior diameter for flight cases:

Doll Size: 140cm - 157cm = 157*46*42 cm 23kg

Doll Size: 158cm - 162cm = 158*47* 35 cm 23kg

Doll size: 163cm -170cm = 167*47*35 cm 24kg

Doll size: Over 171cm +  = 168*47*42 cm 24kg


Approximate IInternal dimension for flight case:

Doll Size: 140cm - 157cm = 150*43*25 cm 23kg

Doll Size: 158cm - 162cm = 150*43* 25 cm 23kg

Doll size: 163cm -170cm = 160*43*28 cm 24kg

Doll size:Over 171cm= 160*43*35 cm 24kg