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How can I pay for my sex doll? 

  • We accept payment in multiple currencies including GBP, USD, AUD, EUR & many more.  
  • We accept all major credit & debit card payments, including Visa and AMEX. 
  • PayPal
  • PayPal Credit (Sex dolls on finance! Available in UK, USA and more.)
  • Coinbase Commerce (Cryptocurrency)
  • Pay Pal Invoice me - (Secure a purchase now and pay later with manual invoice.)
  • Klarna - Shop now, pay later with Klarna (Sex dolls on finance, US customers only.)


How will the transaction appear on my bank statement?

Payments will appear discreetly on your statement as SILVERS or similar. This is to protect your privacy and provide anonymity. 


Are my payments secure?

Yes. Your payments are always secure. Our Integrated Payment system is level 1 PCI compliant. 

Our site is SSL encrypted. This ensures that all data passed between the web server and browsers remain private and integral. You can verify this by double clicking on your browser URL bar, you'll see a small closed padlock symbol on the left, and notice our address starts with https tThis is confirmation of SSL encryption).

All of our payment options protect both the customer and us (the seller) from fraudulent purchases or sales. What does this mean? Your data is 100% secure at all times and both parties have protection against fraudulent transactions. Every transaction is monitored 24/7 to prevent fraud, email phishing and identity theft. All transactions are encrypted using advanced encryption technology. 


Can I finance my purchase and pay over time? Yes!

Buyer credit is available to all our customers with PayPal accounts based in the UK or USA and other participating countries (please check your local PayPal support).

PayPal credit allows you to spread the payment over a maximum of 24 months with a variable APR available. All PayPal credit purchases automatically get the first 4 months interest-free. (with purchases over £150) after that, you’ll be offered a competitive rate of interest. For more information on PayPal credit, click here

Please note: USA customers wanting to use PayPal credit will need us to checkout using "PayPal Invoice". We'll then send an invoice to your PayPal account manually, and you can use PayPal Credit to complete purchase.  

Get your doll now, pay later! (Sex Dolls on Finance)

We are happy to announce that we now offer Klarna financing to all USA based customers. Receive your doll before you pay for it!

How to do it:

1. Find your favourite doll, go to the the product page.

2. Look for the pink Klarna logo. It's just below the add-to-cart button.

3. Next to the Klarna logo, it says: "See if you're pre-qualified", click on it.  (It looks like this ⬇) Klarna Banner

4. Follow the simple instructions. It's super easy,  just a couple of questions about how much you want to finance, and how long you want to pay over... 

You'll find out if you quality instantly and the whole process takes less than 2 mins.

Klarna makes buying stress free with manageable small monthly payments and flexibility that suits you. It means you can start having fun, even if it's not pay-day! And, it makes the best quality sex dolls more affordable for everyone. You'd be crazy not to give it a go... Klarna financing is available now! For US customers only. 🇺🇸



Finance for NON-US Customers

For non USA customers, and customers in Australia, you can use a Klarna Ghost Card. The following information has been taken directly from

What is a ghost card for Klarna?

Ghost card is a single-use, prepaid card that allows you to make a purchase at almost any retailer through the Klarna app's shopping feature using credit.

How do I use a Ghost card?

When you create a Ghost card in the Klarna app, you’ll enter the amount that you plan to spend and your personal credit/debit card will be authorized for a portion of the total amount. 

Once you’re ready to checkout on the site through the Klarna app, your address details will be filled in based on what we (Klarna) have on file. If we (Klarna) don’t already have your information, you will enter your standard billing and shipping addresses. When you reach the payment method, select the credit card option and enter the Ghost card information as you would with any other card. Enter the card number, expiration date, and CVV. If asked for the name on the card, simply use your name.

Complete the checkout and we’ll send a confirmation of your payment schedule once the retailer has shipped your order. A Ghost card can only be used once. If you want to make another purchase, just create a new card and keep on shopping.

What happens?

When you create a Ghost card in the Klarna app, you'll enter the amount that you plan to spend and your personal credit/debit card will be authorized for ¼ of the total amount. ... When you reach the payment method, select the credit card option and enter the Ghost card information as you would with any other card.

Why am I not approved for ghost card on klarna?

Length of time you have been a Klarna customer may increase your limit. History of positive behaviour as a Klarna customer can improve your chances of being approved. Attempting too many purchases in a short amount of time may result in being rejected (fraud prevention)

Does Klarna have a spending limit?

Tip: Klarna does not apply any set limit to the number of instalment plans you can have open at one time, but your payment history and how long you've had an account will be considered. Every Klarna plan is approved on a case-by-case basis

How do you get approved for a ghost card on Klarna?

When you make an approved online shopping purchase with Klarna, you'll get a “ghost card” for one-time use. That ghost card will include account information to enter at checkout, just like a regular debit or credit card. Klarna will then charge your personal card based on your agreed-upon repayment schedule

How can I increase my Klarna limit?

We automatically determine if you are eligible for a credit line increase when you shop with Klarna. You can try to make a purchase that is above your credit limit and if we are able to grant that increase it will be done at that time. Currently, we cannot accept customer-initiated requests for credit line increases