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Our TOP 5 Things to Consider BEFORE buying your first sex doll.

Besides pointing out the obvious (find a sex doll that you absolutely freaking love…) These are the top five things to consider, that you might have forgotten about with those rose-tinted glasses on…

1. Quality & price

We recommend buying a mid to high-end doll. What is a mid to high-end doll? A mid to high-end doll is a doll built by a reputable, experienced and well-known manufacturer that uses high-quality materials, excellent product designs (often by well-known designers such as Mizuwalli) and are sold via a verified vendor. Prices generally range from  £900 - £2,200 for a mid to high-end doll in the UK and approximately $2000 in the USA.


This range of doll will ensure an optimum price/ quality ratio for first-time sex doll buyers and ensure an excellent first-time experience.  

Why shouldn't I just buy a cheap/fake sex doll?

Cheap fake sex dolls are just that, cheap. We don't recommend buying a cheap sex doll for the following reasons:

  • Low quality materials
  • Zero money-back guarantee
  • Often fakes or replica products
  • Materials used are generally inferior and can be toxic (recycled TPE).
  • Short life expectancy of the product (ie material can split & fall apart quickly)
  • Zero quality control measures or attention to detail
  • Dolls are often damaged in transit and sometimes never arrive
  • Often seized in customs dues to inaccurate paperwork
  • Poor design and poor workmanship
  • No CE or health & safety standards certificates attached
  • Inexperienced and/or unknown manufacturers
  • Unexpected customs costs and taxes
  • You may not receive the product at all.
  • If you do receive your doll, it most likely won;'t look anything like what you ordered (we hear this one a lot!)

We know this can come across as scaremongering and sales pitch tactics, but it really isn't, you are free to do as you please, as we all are. But our job as verified vendors is to out high quality dolls in the hands of doll lovers around the world, and it would be wrong of us to not mention this topic... 

*NOTICE July 29th 2019: We recently had a potential customer come to us with an awful experience of buying from a seller on AliExpress after ordering what he was told was an authentic WM166 C cup. Well... He never actually received the doll, but he did get arrested at his home for attempting to import a sex doll that impersonates a minor! Fortunately he was released and the charges were dropped after he explained the mix-up and they checked his personal property for any incriminating evidence, but my-goodness what a horrible experience! Our assumption is that the doll he was sent was so significantly different to the WM166cm C that he ordered, it looked like a child! And anyone who knows thew WM 166 C knows she's absolutely no child! It just goes to show, you really do need to be careful and research exactly who you are buying from! We advise never buying a sex doll from a vendor without checking their credentials... 

If you are taking the leap into the sex doll world, get the real thing. We understand that it can be a little expensive, but there are ways of financing your sex doll without breaking the bank. Even PayPal offer interest-free credit so you can split payments over a time period that suits you best. 

With that in mind, There is no need to go out and spend £10,000 on a high-end super-duper high-spec doll (You wouldn't buy a Ferrari as your first car)...Likewise, if you buy cheap, you buy twice. A cheap doll like a cheap car needs fixing or scrapping way sooner than you might think.

The smart move is to get a mid to high range doll. You will get exceptional quality, excellent design features and an ultra-realistic sex doll with a money-back guarantee.

2. Authenticity

Like everything in the world, avoid fakes and scammers. It doesn't need too much explanation, but there are some people out there selling fake dolls purely for financial gain. At Silicone Lovers, we are building a reputable brand that puts customer service and user experience as our number one priority. If you want to know more about us, check out our about us page. 

3. Storage & weight

People often skip these important factors... But you might get a surprise when you handle your doll for the first time...


Why is this important?

Sex Dolls are bigger than many people think, they can be heavy, and they need to be stored properly.

Most dolls can be moved by yourself, but always check the weight before you buy to avoid any surprises, some dolls weigh over 50kg (that's a lot), if you are concerned, go for a lighter model, there are many available. Any good supplier will be able to advise on the weight of the doll you are interested in buying.

Think of your new doll as a long-term investment that needs to be stored and looked after properly to ensure a long and prosperous life... Sex dolls can be stored in their original packaging box, or a flight case, or can be hung in a wardrobe with a hanging hook attachment that fixes to the top of the body (we offer this for free with all of our dolls).  

4. Manufacturers & vendors

Manufacturers are not to be confused with vendors. Manufacturers are the companies that design, fabricate and make sex dolls, they are the "creators" of these fine products, from concept to completion, they are the gods of sex dolls if you like...

Vendors are the online shops that have partnered with manufacturers and earned the authority from manufactures to supply sex dolls to customers.

There are good ones and bad ones of both manufacturers and vendors.

What makes a good manufacturer? A good manufacturer is a manufacturer that specialises in the production of excellently designed, tried and tested high-quality sex dolls. They offer multiple professional designs and customisation options for many types of sex doll. A good manufacturer has extensive experience in the production of sex dolls and a long history in the industry, they meet worldwide safety standards and have extensive quality control measures to ensure a high-quality product line and a product guaranteed every time.

A bad manufacturer is inexperienced and often purchases a single doll from a good manufacturer with the intention to replicate it without any of the extensive knowledge or know-how that goes into the fabrication of these wonderful sex dolls. Expect poor quality materials, sloppy workmanship, poor communication, little knowledge of sex dolls etc.

A “good vendor” has a working relationship with “good manufacturers”, offers a money-back guarantee on all purchases and has extensive knowledge of the industry. A good vendor is authorised to sell high-quality sex dolls and is authorised to import dolls globally. A good vendor will always prioritise customer satisfaction and quality products over a "quick buck".

A "bad vendor" works with and enables the "bad manufacturers", together they are “The sex doll scammers” selling fakes and poor quality rubbish for a high price tag. Don’t fall for it- do the research.  

We consider ourselves "good vendors". We are in this game for the long run, and you don't get far in this business by offering poor services and poor quality products. We don't like receiving poor customer service (or poor quality products for that matter), so we certainly don't provide it.

5. Customising your sex doll

Customising your sex doll is a lot easier than many people realise, it literally is just a matter of clicks (for the customer). For me personally, I find this one of the most exciting things about sex dolls, making your very own, one of a kind sex doll is awesome, you've got to give it a go, even if it's just changing a few minor details, you'll be amazed at how much difference a few changes here and there can make.

Every doll on the Silicone Lovers website is fully customisable at the click of a button, give it a try, it's great fun, and you might create something beautiful and amazing that is yours and yours only...