Climax Mini Doll - Carha

£660 GBP

Want all the benefits of a full-size doll, but light enough to manoeuvre around and small enough to fit under your bed? Carha might just be the doll for you... Not only is she a fraction of the price of a full-size doll, but she's got the curves and shape of all her full-size friends! Carha mini has soft kissable lips and massive tits, a gorgeous curvy waist and a big juicy butt, she's ready to bounce around all night long... Choose from long curly red hair to long silky blonde locks and pick your favourite skin tone from Brown, Tan and Honey. You can make her yours, just the way you like it... Fancy a trip to cloud nine, Climax Doll's Carha mini sex doll is the girl for you! 

*This doll is a "downsized doll", she does not have childlike features and is modelled off a full-sized adult doll. 

Size & info

Height: 100cm
Weight: 29kg
Bust: 106cm
Underbust: 62.5cm
Waist: 63.5cm
Hip: 71cm
Shoulders: 24.5cm
Leg length: 60cm
Thigh Circumference: 39.5cm
Arm Length: 44cmcm
Package size: 99cm x 34cm x 39cm

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