DS Doll Summit 168cm - Alexa

$6,510.00 $4,895.00

The new Summit 2020 range from DS Doll (Doll Sweet). A picture paints a thousand words... Are these the most realistic silicone sex dolls ever made? Features include a fixed head (without a head mounting joint) which gives a seamless neck finish for ultra-realism. Summit Dolls come with a fixed vagina and anal function (no oral). Her fingers and toes have movable joints with a mechanical skeleton, and high definition body features and hyper-realistic skin texture. The new "waxworks level make-up" and colour painting is applied to the whole body and truly makes the doll's skin look like real human skin, combined together with implanted human hair option, the Summit Range are without a doubt, the most realistic silicone dolls ever made.

Summit Dolls are made same as photo... because you can't improve on perfection! 💕 

Size & info

Height: 168cm
Weight: 33kg
Upper bust: 81cm
Underbust: 69cm
Waist: 62cm
Shoulders: 32cm
Hips: 92cm
Arm length: 51cm
Wrist Girth: 14cm
Hand length: 16cm
Thigh-length: 47cm
Thigh girth: 53cm
Calf length: 44cm
Ankle girth: 20cm
Feet length: 22cm