Sarah - 165cm C

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Future Doll are full silicone sex dolls (Head & Body). All dolls are created the same as photo, with default options to include: 

  • Fixed vagina with inner ultra-soft love hole.
  • Real human feeling textured skin all over the body.
  • Whole body realistic painting, including veins.
  • Exquisite face makeup.
  • Real feeling soft breasts.
  • Mechanically movable eyes, for an easier pupil rotation.
  • Flexible yoga skeleton, hinged neck, hands and feet.
  • Quick head connector.
  • Shrugging shoulders.
  • Implanted eyebrows.
  • Implanted lower eyelashes.

Size & info

Brand: Future Doll
Material: Silicone 
Head: F2
Height: 165cm
Body length: 146cm
Weight: 30kg
Bust: 75cm
Underbust (Band):59cm
Waist: 50cm
Hips: 80cm
Shoulder width: 33cm
Arm length: 67cm
Hand length: 16cm
Leg length: 90cm
Feet: 21cm
Vagina Depth: 16cm - 18cm 
Anal Depth: 15cm
Oral Capability: No 

Packaging size: 150cm x 43cm x 26cm