Silicone Lovers Best Sex Dolls. The Top 10 Most Realistic Sex Dolls of 2019

What a fantastic year for sex dolls, 2019 has seen some of the best sex dolls created in the world, it really has been a game-changer of a year, from WM doll's introduction of the WM 166cm C cup to Piper Doll's 150cm Plus Jessica Rabbit, the bar has been raised people, and the selection of realistic sex dolls is so good, it almost makes it too difficult to choose. So... Without further ado...  Silicone Lovers best sex dolls and top 9 most realistic sex dolls of 2019.


#1. Best Sex Dolls - WM 166 C cup Lara 

Best Sex Doll #1 WM 166cm C cup Lara

The WM 166 C delivers everything the customer demands. There is no question, Lara is a stunning sex doll. She's 166cm tall with gorgeous supermodel legs, perfectly rounded breasts, a tight toned waist, soft tanned skin and the face of a goddess... Her placement is perfect, the proportions are unmatched, she's not too heavy and not so light that she feels odd. She bounces & jiggles like the best sex dolls you've ever seen, and she just might be...

In the short amount of time that has passed during Lara's release, she has become one of the most sought after love dolls in the world! The WM 166 C has quickly earned a reputation as one of the best sex dolls of all time! 


2. WM 166 C cup Ingrid 

Realistic Sex Doll WM 166 C Ingrid

So some of you may be thinking: "Wait, the WM 166cm C cup is also number two..." Well, you're right, she is, but for very good reason. The WM166C has been the biggest game-changer we've seen in a long time. For a while there, nothing else mattered, the only doll that everyone wanted was the 166C, to the point that the factory had to double-up on moulds and employ more staff. It was crazy, production time doubled, and customers were willing to wait, some customers waiting up to 3 months! But it's all worth it, and completely understandable. 

This snow bunny is eager to come in from the cold so she can get your fire roaring!

Ingrid is an absolutely stunning realistic sex doll and is the latest model to come out of the world-famous WM-Dolls workshop. She is 166cm tall with a gorgeous supermodel figure, medium, perky breasts (C-Cup) and a butt you'll want to worship. She has soft tanned skin and the face of a Nordic goddess with soft kissable lips and beautiful long blonde hair.


3. JY Dolls 168cm Peaches

Amazing Love Doll JY Dolls 168cm Peaches

JY Dolls - Well known for their beautiful face designs and elegant bodies. They produce high-quality, beautifully handcrafted sex dolls to an exceptional standard, for a very reasonable price. For the biggest bang for your buck, JY Dolls are the answer...


4. Piper Dolls 150cm Ariel 

Piper Dolls Ariel Sex Doll 150cm

The manga and Anime style queen... Ariel is one of Piper Doll's most popular sex dolls ever made, and it's easy to see why. 

5. Irontech Dolls 140cm Jane

Big Tits Sex Doll Irontech 140cm

Irontech dolls- Beautifully designed with incredible attention to detail, handcrafted to a flawless finish. The Irontech dolls are some of the best in the industry, with stunning features and unmatched beauty, these dolls truly are one-of-a-kind.


6. #Most Realistic Sex Doll - YL Dolls 170cm D Cup Rei

Curvy Love Doll YL Dolls 170cm Rei

Rei is drop-dead gorgeous. She's a little Spanish hottie and desperate for a new companion, in a new home she can call her own. Her skin is velvety-smooth & soft, she has large jiggly breasts (D Cup) and a beautiful curvaceous body. Her skin is tanned and her lips are juicy and succulent. She just loves to have fun, she wants you to squeeze and spank her to your heart's content.


7. D4E 165cm Cathy

D4E 165cm Cathy Real Love Doll


8. WM 173cm H-cup Destiny

Adult Sex Doll WM 173cm H-cup Destiny

Destiny... one big sexy mamma! This big beautiful woman has a whole lotta cushion for the pushing...  The new girl on the block with a classic face, the 159. What a combination! Striking, sexy, big and juicy, we just love our destiny.  


9. Piper Dolls 150cm Plus Jessica Rabbit Sex Doll

Ginger Hair Piper Dolls Jessica Rabbit Sex Doll

Piper Dolls are one of the most popular doll brands on the market. They are meticulously designed and brought to life by the great Mizuwali - A legendary designer and photographer inside the sex doll world. 

What the customers are saying: "For those considering the doll, it really is great for both of my personal wants, sleeping next to her is fun and really comfortable and sex is satisfying though I recommend buying with a built-in vagina and using female condoms as the insert design isn't really that good. Her body is well balanced for a fantasy style build, nice and chunky but not especially heavy and a good height for myself at 5'10"." - Sate (The Doll Forum). 

So there you have it - Silicone Lovers favourite love dolls and best sex dolls this year. We hope you enjoy looking at these absolute stunners as much as we do. Why not head over to our collection of new sex dolls to see our full collection of the latest adult sex dolls available now. 

October 28, 2019