Ultra bounce Gel Breasts for Sex Dolls

What is the deal with gel breasts? Which sex doll brands have gel breasts? Can I get gel breasts on my doll?? Well, we've got the answer for you! Gel breasts are taking the sex doll world by storm and they have quickly become one of our most popularly upgrades today. They are the most universally praised of all the upgrades and options that manufacturers have released. So if you're thinking about that ultra bounce, that sexy jiggle, those beautiful bosoms... Then you're in the right place.

We have customers who swear by them and say they will never go back to non-gel breasts again. With all this positive feedback, it's no surprise many other manufacturers are racing to add them to their list of available upgrades with more and more doll manufacturers are getting on board every week. 

So what's the story?

WM Doll were the first to launch gel breasts earlier this year, giving a third option from the usual choice between Hollow and Solid breasts. To obtain the softest breasts of all, they take the already soft hollow breasts and fill them with gel. This gives them a much more realistic weight, feel, bounce, and a more natural look as they fall on the chest much more realistically. Plus, they even sound more realistic both when squeezing them (no pop noise when the inside walls touch), and slapping them (no hollow sound!)

Did you know you can get gel breasts in larger sizes such as the H cup


Our great big M cups


Even YL's N cup


Boob man or butt man? Who cares, if you want that super realistic feeling, you might want to think about adding the gel breasts upgrade!

So which brands make gel breasts now? 

Due to WM's gel breasts great success, there are several brands who now have perfected and released the gel upgrade available. 

  • WM Doll
  • YL Doll
  • OR Doll
  • SE Doll
  • Irontech Doll
  • JY Doll
  • 6YE
  • HR Doll
  • Starpery

That's right, we're happy to announce almost all of our TPE doll suppliers have just added gel breasts to their line up 🎉 which means that you can order just about any of our TPE sex dolls with gel breasts as of right now!

Just look out for our green tick for upgrades and extras

upgrade tick


But don't just take our word for it - here's an independent reviewer with two identical WM dolls doing a side by side comparison (You'll have to sign-in to Youtube to watch the video, as it's age restricted...)


 The main takeaways are:

- More natural shape/size (did you know they add about half a size or so to the breasts?)
- More natural looking fall on the chest
- Softer feeling
- More realistic (no more hollow feeling, no more feeling the inside walls touching when squeezing or hearing the noise of the inside walls sticking)
- Sounds better! (who isn't going to give them a little slap now and then 😁)


If you want the absolute best for your breasts - it's gotta be gel! I'll leave you with the bountiful bounce on the 150cm M cup....


December 30, 2020