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Sex Dolls are heavy

Why would you want a small sex doll/ mini sex doll? Well... sex dolls can be deceptively heavy. It's true, some of our biggest, curviest, and most beautiful dolls are heavier than they look, and for the uninitiated, a rude shock awaits the eager newbie... Even the fittest of fiddles might struggle to manoeuvre the biggest sex doll.

Knowing the weight of your doll before committing to purchase can have a huge effect on how happy you are with your doll, or how surprised you are when she arrives. Not all dolls are suitable for those who have a smaller build, back problems, or other physical disabilities.

But there's other reasons too! Convenience, storage constraints, easier cleaning, etc. There's many reasons that lighter and smaller sex dolls are useful and worth considering!

So, what can we offer our dear customers with sore backs that still need to get their rocks off? Well, we'll go through a few options for lighter sex dolls, that are smaller in size, but pack the same punch as a full size sex doll. But first...


Are sex dolls too heavy?

You might be thinking, "I can lift a 40kg human", I can even lift an 80kg human, so I should be able to lift a 35kg doll without issue, right?". Most of the time, yes. But not always... with a human, they carry their own weight, they lean into the lift, they might wrap their arms around you and distribute their weight and their centre of gravity, even weights at the gym have handles. With dolls, they don't have handles, they do have limbs, but the weight is a "dead" weight, it can be awkward when first learning how to lift and move the doll around properly. 40kg of dead weight can feel heavier than a 40kg person or dumbell. I'm not trying to scare you off, but there is a technique to lifting a doll, and it can be a bit tricky at first. So, what are the options...?


Downsize mini sex dolls and small sex dolls

These are dolls which are scaled-down depicting mature adult women. With all the beautiful curves, hips and breasts of fully grown women, only they are a smaller version. They are perfectly legal in most countries provided you don't order them with a young looking face. They're a fantastic way to save storage space, your back and your wallet,  whilst still enjoying all the other benefits of a full scale sex doll. Shop Mini Sex Dolls.

Mini sex dolls and small sex dolls are not to be confused with young looking sex dolls, which we don't get involved with for all the obvious reasons. If you want to read a bit more about the rules for young looking dolls, head over to our blog here: Are Sex Dolls Legal in my Country?

Mini Sex Dolls

Left to right: WM 108cm Sarah | YL Dolls 135cm Heidi | SM Dolls 136cm Elora | D4E 135cm Azazel


Light weight sex dolls

If you've got a keen eye for detail, you might be able to spot the lighter dolls amongst the crowd (Not everyone has that super human ability, so we've made searching for light-weight dolls easy, see below). Light weight dolls are often designed with the overall weight in mind, right from the beginning of the design phase. It involves carefully designing the doll in a way that she maintains her realistic figure whilst "skimming" parts of the doll where possible, ultimately reducing the amount of TPE needed to fill the mould and reducing the over weight. It doesn't some too complex, but it's a fine art and not easy to get right.. Fortunately for us, we don't have to worry about how difficult it is, because the master craftsman has done it for us, check out some of our most popular lightweight dolls below. 

Lightweight sex dolls


Piper Doll's silicone series, and some TPE dolls are now tackling the weight issue by introducing a foam core in the centre of the doll, which allows for a lighter foam material to take up some of the space within the doll's core, which means less Silicone (or TPE) and less weight where possible. Check out the diagram below showing how Piper have managed to tackle the weight issue with their silicone dolls: 


Piper Dolls silicone foam core

So how do I find all the light weight dolls?

Well, if you don't already know, you can actually search through dolls by height, weight, type and lots of other categories by using the filters. If you specifically want to sort by weight, click "Shop Sex Dolls" on the main menu, then on the left-hand side there is a menu with a dropdown selection titled WEIGHT, if you click on it, you can sort all the dolls by weight:

Search sex dolls by weight

Check out All our dolls under 30kg now.  

Sex doll torsos 

The most obvious solution for reducing the weight of a doll is by selecting a torso. We have a great Collection of Sex Doll Torsos. So what is a sex doll torso? It's the same as a full size sex doll, except it's missing the legs, and in some cases missing the arms as well. These are the step between masturbators and full size dolls - they're just as fun, and function all the same as a full size doll, only they's half the size, half the weight, and often half the price, and you can customise them just the same as any other full size doll!

Love the look of Irontech 158cm Natalia but don't love the 158cm height, and almost 45kg of weight? Perhaps a Irontech Natalia Torso might be the way to go? Just 25kg and only 90cm tall, with a considerable cost saving too... It's easy to start seeing why sex doll torso are so popular.  


Full Size Sex Doll vs Sex Doll Torso

  Left to right: Irontech Sex Doll 158cm NataliaIrontech Torso Natalia

Climax Doll fuck me hipsMasturbators 

Masturbators are just small sections of the human anatomy, debatably just the "fun" bits... such as the very popular Climax Doll Fuck me Hips . These hips are a simple hip section, weighing only 12kg . There are similar masturbators for those who like butts, and for those who love to worship legs and feet, check out the set of legs only, they might be the one for you if you have a foot fetish!
Light weight sex dol by DS Dolls



What's that I hear you say? "I don't want a masturbator, I don't want a torso, I don't want a mini sex doll... I just want a full size sex doll under 20kg..."

Well, there is an option for you too my friend... Amazingly, DS Doll managed to design an incredible full size sex doll weighing in at only 19kg! A truly unique, ultra lightweight, full size sex doll. 

Check her out now: DS 145cm EVO - Chun






What does the future hold?

JY recently introduced a new feature to their dolls - a weight reduction of 10kg or more. The bigger the doll, the more the weight reduction. The exact ins-and-outs of it are apparently a "trade secret", but they are using a light weight gel (similar to that found in the gel breasts) to fill the core of the body, without interfering with the structural integrity or feel of the doll. The only noticeable change should be the reduction in weight. Of course, there is a cost, and a slightly increased production time. 

Will other brands follow? In times like COVID where money is tighter, and the costs of shipping have expanded exponentially for heavy items, the market for lighter dolls is heating up - significant weight reductions such as JY's new technology could give brands the edge over their competitors... 

JY Dolls demonstrates core lightweight upgrade

A JY Doll employee demonstrates the weight reduction by lifting a doll under one arm.

Bonus - WM Doll's surgeons to the rescue! Make your own custom sex doll torso!

Do you like the idea of a torso doll but the available options aren't exactly your cup of tea? Maybe the torsos you've been looking at don't have the curves in the exact right places, the cup size or labia are not what you wanted, or you've had your eye on one particular doll and just wish there was a torso version of it. 

Well WM to the rescue! If you order a full size doll and request it to be turned into a torso - you can! There is no additional charge to create a torso version of the doll, you simply buy the full size doll as normal and we will put through the request to turn it into a torso.

If you aren't after a WM Doll and you wanted to investigate creating a torso out of a doll from another brand that we sell, please feel free to get in touch. We will liaise with the brand involved on your behalf and find the best options for your situation and then provide you a quote. A lighter doll is just a click away!

December 30, 2020