An Introduction to Sex Dolls

Sex dolls are becoming one of the hottest selling toys in the sex toy industry.

So what makes these sex dolls so popular?

Are sex dolls no longer considered taboo?

Is the male sex toy industry becoming socially acceptable, like the good old dildo?

Let's find out! 

The world is finally coming around to the idea that we all have individual needs.

Society, although a slow learner, is discovering the massive benefits that a healthy sex life has to offer, and is slowly accepting that perhaps everyone's needs aren’t quite the same. Ten years ago, openly discussing sex toys was still a taboo subject but today, the sex toy industry is booming, and sex dolls are progressing faster than any other sex toy in the world. 

Say goodbye to your flesh-light boys, sex dolls have come a long way, and they’re only getting better by the day.  With their ultra-realistic looks and ultra-lifelike flesh, today's sex dolls have become incredible works of art. Being easy to clean and with a low maintenance upkeep… it’s easy to see why they’re quickly becoming one of the most popular sex toys in the world.

But I would rather sleep with a real person you say…

Yes, we hear ya. But we’re not all Brads or Angelinas, so not everyone can just jump into bed with a real person and live out their sexual fantasies with zero limitations at any given moment! With a sex doll…. you can. Not only that, they’ll stick around for breakfast….forever…and be up for it whenever and wherever you are. Hot sex “on tap” has suddenly become a reality.

You can live out your wildest fantasies with a sex doll, hell you can even get one made to look like a purple alien if that’s what you're into… The truth is, we all have our vices and we all need to escape reality every once in a while, not everyone likes booze or drugs to escape, for some of us, escaping into our own fantasies is our vice, be it sexual or not. Realistic sex dolls can offer that escape, perhaps they can even offer you that dream partner experience you were always looking for? The point is, many people, whether they are single or married, have a healthy sex drive and have fantasies and fetishes that they don’t necessarily feel comfortable exploring with a partner. Perhaps they would feel more comfortable introducing them to a partner by doing so on a doll first. Until now, sex toys have never offered this kind of fulfilment, but times have changed. Enter the ultra-realistic sex dolls. 

But aren’t sex dolls are misogynistic?*

Really? Errrrr, have you ever seen a dildo? They took a man and threw away every part of his body except for the penis. That’s it, they just left the penis, not interested in anything else, just the penis will do…  Well then, if a sex doll is considered misogynistic, then a dildo is definitely considered misandristic. Ironically, anyone buying a sex doll, usually completely worships the female form, and would be absolutely devastated to learn that they are being accused of someone who hates women- they have a life-size sculpture of a woman that they care for and make love to for goodness sake! It’s far more like worship than anything remotely untoward.

*A misogynist is a person who does not respect women. A person who does not respect men can be described as a misandrist.

Anyway, moving on…

Sex dolls as a "marital aid". Are sex dolls for “normal” couples?

Absolutely. Couples use dolls both to satisfy an unbalanced appetite (eg a husband who wants more regular sex than his wife or vice versa) or to spice up their sex life together (eg a threesome). For some couples it can also really save their marriage. Many men have dolls to give them the excitement of being with another woman, without actually cheating or having an affair on their wives whom they are still truly in love with & very much still attracted to. The doll allows them to fulfil sexual fantasies that perhaps their partner is was not necessarily willing to perform.

Sex dolls are super popular for couples, be it for swingers or those into a guilt-free, no strings attached “affair” or a very consensual threesome….why stop at three? We know doll owners who have up to 8 dolls in their “family”.  

Wait up. How does a sex doll please a woman?

There are various ways. You can buy a handsome male sex doll who is soft and hard in all the right places or you can buy a female sex doll with a penile attachment if you want more than to just bump and grind on a soft and sexy female body. The possibilities are endless especially if you add in your own imagination, perhaps few more toys, a costume or another person into the mix. Oh and there's always the secondary ways to please a woman - if you're a man and have a sex doll, you won't be pestering your wife so much! 

Why would you want to buy a realistic sex doll?

Well besides the obvious reason, it’s pretty nice just having one around. I’m sure you can relate to what it feels like to be in the vicinity of a really attractive person, well, these dolls are absolutely stunning. You know how it feels when you see a beautiful girl walk past you in the street, now imagine that you have her in your home to wake up to or just to glance at when you’re working at your desk and you can bathe in her beauty from across the room….any time you please. Warning: you may never leave the house again! You can have her sit with you while you watch a film, play a game, cook dinner or read a book… and you can reach out for a squeeze (or more!) any time you please. 

The evolution of the sex doll

If you take the time to actually have a look at some of the dolls available on today's market, many of them really are a work of art. Some of the world’s leading engineers in robotics are working daily on the advancement of sex dolls and the progress is so impressive that even if you’re not a fan, you can’t deny that the evolution from a traditional blow up doll is truly remarkable. In the old days they were made simply of cloth, for sailors, and known as a “Dutch Wife”.

Want to see some of the most realistic sex dolls on the market today, check out the full collection at

Are sex dolls affordable? 

These amazing beauties are affordable. They’re not exactly cheap, but they are affordable. Prices range from £1,000 and can get up to around £15,000 for the more bespoke dolls with more intricate details.

We certainly wouldn’t recommend going out and spending £15,000 on your first doll, but it’s definitely worth looking at the more affordable sex dolls to start your sex doll adventure.

Think of it like this.

Yes, buying a sex doll is going to be more expensive than buying a regular sex toy but it's more complex and a lot more work and effort goes into its creation. You're also getting a very, very different full body experience. It’s that simple. You can also choose your favourite body shape, face, skin tone, eye colour and so on. It’s a large, bespoke, human sized “toy” but it’s so much more than that because you can make it come to life in your own personalised way.

Thinking of buying a sex doll? Follow these buying tips.

There is an increasing number of online stores offering sex dolls, and the industry is growing rapidly. If you are thinking of buying a sex doll or just curious, we suggest making sure you check the vendor’s authenticity and trustworthiness. Unfortunately, even though the industry is relatively new, it’s already full of fake vendors and people selling poor quality knock-offs. Even eBay and Amazon are riddled with fake, low-quality dolls that use stolen high end pictures. We’ve heard some horror stories also from people risking purchases from sites such as Aliexpress. The e-commerce giants are yet to catch up on this fraudulent selling so it’s left up to the little folk to warn you. Please go to The Doll Forum for an up to date scam list before you make a purchase.

Like all other industries, sex dolls are made by specific brands, anyone selling sex dolls that claim to be ‘unbranded’ are generally selling poor quality “knockoffs”. Always ensure your vendor offers a money back guarantee, check their reviews and their authenticity via the doll forum to make sure you're not just sending your money off into the abyss. Do your research and take your time.

Silicone Lovers offer some of the best high-end sex dolls in the world, at very affordable prices, ranging from GBP£995 - £2000. (USD$1300-2600)

Dolls are also available on a payment plan if you want to spread the cost over a longer time period.

Alternatively, we believe the next step up from our dolls are made by a company called Abyss who is the parent company of REAL DOLLS. Their dolls start at around 10,000 USD.

The bottom line is, if you have a sexually active mind and have fantasies that you are yet to explore, or simply want some companionship, whether you are single or in a relationship- sex dolls have become a genuine contender in this world of speed dating and high relationship turnovers. With the variety of sex dolls on the market, you can pretty much choose any style you want, plus the best part -  you’re the one in control of how the relationship goes. “Happily ever after”, can truly become your reality.

Check out our dolls here and be sure to let us know what you think in the comments below.



December 06, 2018