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Black Sex Dolls

Let’s face it, a lot of the sex dolls we see are young, slender, with big boobs and have white, Asian or anime faces. You might be asking yourself if variety be the spice of life, where’s the spice? Where’s the love for our darker-skinned girls? We want our ebony babes tall, short, skinny, curvy, thick thighs, big booty, no booty – we want it all!

It’s time to highlight some gorgeous ebony girls that are sexy as hell. Click the links if you want to see more photos of the doll (and with less clothing 😉)

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1. Nava – WM Doll 168cm A Cup


One of the things you can always do with any of our dolls is to click the customize button and choose the colour of their skin. But if you pick a different skin tone to the doll in the photos and commit to buy your love doll, it’s a bit tricky to know exactly what it's going to look like. Especially when the factory examples look like this:

WM colour chart

Without finding pics of Nava showing off her beautiful “cocoa” skin it’s tough to visualize. Well, worry no more. WM Dolls has created quite a pleasing and realistic skin tone which really glows and pops when it catches the light just right. Nava here is in good company, WM Doll is one of the leading manufacturers of TPE love dolls and they sell a whole host of black sex dolls. If you’re lucky enough to catch WM Doll when they have a sale, you can often score a free second head and try out another of their cocoa babes


Biggest pro: Legs for days


2. Imani – YL Doll 146cm O Cup



Nava is nice and all but didn’t you promise me something about thick thighs? Ok ok, well how about Imani? If you love big busty babes with curves in all the right places, you’re going to love Imani.

YL doll is well renowned as having some of the softest TPE around, which is exactly what you want when they’re making big busty dolls like this. Don’t just take our word for it, here’s user Mcupplease on The Doll Forum (TDF):

“I have about 8 super busty dolls with various configurations of solid breasts, hollow breasts, silicone gel-filled breasts, (SH165R). Let me tell you that this doll (YL150 O Cup) with that supermassive breast size done in "Ultra Soft" TPE is far and away the best, most realistic, soft, squishy, and pliable feel of them all.”

It’s like making love to a beautiful soft cloud.


Biggest pro: Those thick thighs


HR doll

If you’re an ass man and you like that bubble butt, you really can't go past HR’s offering. HR uses both TPE and silicone heads so some of their faces are ultra-realistic, just take a look at the level of detail in the lips and nipples on this ebony beauty, and she is one of their full TPE versions.

HR Doll

Biggest pro: Perky little titties

One of the great advantages to using a silicone head with a TPE body is that you get the best of both worlds – detail where you want it, and softness where you need it.

“It is absolutely wonderful TPE. A little squishier than WM, much more natural than AF and JY.” – setevoltas, TDF.


3. Nuru – Irontech Doll 158cm


Is it just me or does Nuru look a little like Maeve (Thandie Newton) from Westworld? Now Maeve Nuru, is an Irontech Doll, which is great because they have some of the best love hole placement and realistic looking vulva in the TPE doll industry.

“IronTech's TPE blend is very nice, seems to be a bit more resistant to stains than my other doll. It feels great to the touch. I love the look of this doll, especially that I have found a good hair/makeup/accessory combination.” Kklouzal, TDF.

Nuru’s build is great, she’s got an amazingly well-sculpted ass, abs and pelvic area, she’s got her curves in all the right places, making her a lot more true to life than the usual skinny girl with gigantic boobs that a lot of doll manufacturers bring out. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, we just like diversity sometimes, it’s great for customers to have as wide an array of looks as possible. And speaking of skinny girls, Irontech has just released (late March 2020) a new photoshoot of Nuru’s head on the 168CM body. So if you love the head but want a different body, check out Nuru’s new look:


Biggest pro: Her gorgeous face

Phwoar! Isn't it amazing how different a head can look with a different wig on a different body?



4. Big Boob Brianne – YL Dolls 150cm


Speaking of skinny girls with gigantic boobs – you can’t go past Brianne if you want the biggest boobs on the block. I bet you were thinking Imani from number 2 on this list, with her O Cup boobs were pretty big well check these puppies out. These knockers are off the chart. Her bust is 45 inches (116cm) which is huge, but because they’re angled downwards that measurement doesn’t give you the full scale of how big they are. Only photos like this can do these boobs justice.


Biggest pro: Ultra huge Boobs.


If you’re a fan of big boobs they don’t get much bigger than these. And keep in mind Brianne is made by YL Doll, who we mentioned earlier has that soft TPE so these are going to be on point for softness. YL is made n the Jinsan workshop alongside OR and WM so they use the same materials. Here’s another user, MoviePilot on The Doll Forum talking about YL TPE:

“So many other users also report that YL equips their dolls with the softest TPE around.” 


5. Coco – WM Doll 157cm B cup


Coco is such a cutie. She’s on the ever-popular well-proportioned B cup body by WM Doll, this is a widely loved body for its incredible physique and its petite style. Coco (and the B-cup body in general) is a very good choice for first doll owners as the weight is spot on, at a touch under 30KG (63lbs/26.6kg/4.5stone), made by one of the most popular and largest manufacturers in the industry.

Her skin is almost a honey-caramel colour, her lips are big and juicy, and she is extremely photogenic. In fact, even dressed in this singlet top she looks as if she just stepped off a runway show in Milan. She is configured in a tan skin tone by default, but if you like her darker, she’d be very nice also in the “Cocoa” skin tone WM also makes (as modelled by Nava in #1 above). To give you some idea of what she might look like in darker tones, you can try a black and white photo such as this:


Biggest pro: She's a real cutie! 

6. Tanya - 6YE 164CM D


“Hi I’m Tanya, I like going for walks on the beach and just whiling away the hours with you on the couch watching Netflix. Did I mention I’m thicc?


It’s hard to tell under my sweats but there you go, hope you like my pic x.”

Tanya is made by 6YE, who with their two collections, Premium and Amor, have a huge range of dolls under their belt and specialize in dolls with a heck of a lot of attitude and super realistic expressions. We just love Tanya’s fresh and unique look.

6YE has hands down the best LHP (that's love hole placement for you folk at home).” - Siliconeman, TDF


If you like the breasts a little smaller than D cup, here’s a configuration with Tanya’s head (18) on 6YE’s 169cm C cup body.


Biggest pro: Those big brown eyes and those juicy lips!


7. Aisha – YL Dolls 160cm


Hmmm, you might think, what’s going on here, isn’t this just a normal big tits ebony doll along the lines of what we’ve been looking at already? Well Aisha is a kink doll – if you look at those nipples you’ll see small holes in them. Doesn’t look like anything much would fit there does it?


Maybe a few fingers….


Biggest Pro: Titty Fuck!

Maybe…. A whole penis!

That's right, these boobs were made for forking (and that's just what they'll do!) It might not be your cup of tea but if it is your cuppa, you can’t help but milk? Aisha certainly brings a whole new meaning into the words “titty fuck”.

Aisha is also great for those with a lactation/breastfeeding fetish, and a lot of our customers use dolls like her with penetrable nipples to place a small milk bottle or container inside for lactation play (anyone seen Clockwork Orange?).


8. Maya - YL Dolls 151cm - NEW!

Maya is our newest doll of all and we think she looks just like one of the hotties from a rap video. She's got beautiful lips and almond eyes that compliment her perfect nose and jawline. Tan skin, small perky breasts, coin-slot pussy... what a combo!

Biggest Pro: Absolutely freaking stunning!


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May 21, 2020