Authentic WM Dolls

Have you recently bought a "Genuine" WM Doll and something wasn’t quite right? Something about your purchase made you a little suspicious? There are so many scammers these days that are selling replicas and counterfeit dolls, that it can be tricky to tell just from a photo – especially if you are new to sex dolls. Some fakes can actually be dangerous! There have been cases where people have nearly damaged their most sensitive organs due to sharp pieces of the metal skeleton not being secured properly inside the TPE. Let's make sure you've got an Authentic WM Doll now...

WM Doll has now launched a verification service so that you can get peace of mind, protect your sensitive parts, and double-check the authenticity of your love doll purchase. Each of their dolls will now include a card with an Anti-Forgery code. They used to be on the packaging but newer dolls now locate the card inside the owner's manual. Once scratched, it will reveal a code which you can enter into the WM Dolls official website.


Here’s a step by step guide, including a link to the WM Dolls site below:


Step 1 – scratch card

WM certificate of authenticity card


Step 2 – browse to the official WM Doll website – the anti-fake check is front and center on the main page.

WM Doll homepage


Step 3 – click the “anti-fake check” and input your code and the verification code (picture next to the text box, in the below case, p262)


WM Doll verification page


If you, unfortunately, do have a fake doll, you can report the vendor with the link underneath. Always good to open a dialogue with your vendor though and see if it can get cleared up.

If your doll came without a card, contact your vendor – if it seems suspicious, report it.

Nothing can take the sting away from buying a fake doll – these are expensive items and no one likes getting ripped off. Always check your vendor is verified on The Doll Forum (TDF). Always check they have good reviews on The Doll Forum and on 3rd party customer review sites such as Trustpilot. If a price is too good to be true, it probably is – always make a post on TDF to double check a vendor if you can’t find any information about them and they’re offering incredibly cheap dolls.


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May 21, 2020