Sex Dolls That Look Like Your Mate’s Girlfriend?

When it comes to lovers, most people don’t cross the line and fool around with their mates’ girlfriends, either past or present. 

But all bets are off when it comes to bedroom fantasies, as nobody can restrict what you get up to in the privacy of your own home, as long as you’re not interfering with someone else’s relationship. 

This is why lots of guys might be tempted to live out their sexual fantasy of being intimate with their pals’ other halves by getting a silicone sex doll that looks just like them. 

Yes, many blokes want dolls that are spitting images of the Kardashians, Marilyn Monroe, or Lara Croft. But there are plenty who want a more realistic model, perhaps because it makes the fantasy that more achievable.

They could look for a silicone doll that had the same features of their mates’ girlfriends, or they could even create a bespoke doll with the exact hair and eye colour, and body measurements - although some of the more intimate details will have to be imagined!

Everyone’s idea of the perfect woman is different, so it’s presumptuous to think the ideal silicone sex doll will have a 24-inch waist, large bum, and ample chest, with long flowing hair. 

In fact, lots of guys prefer a larger lady, a smaller bust, or a short haircut. Finding the most sexually pleasing doll for each customer is what makes them really attractive. 

Who knows? It could even prevent as many guys from sleeping with their mates’ girlfriends for real, as they can live out their fantasies without breaching their code of trust. 

After all, this could mean the end of the friendship for good! 

August 29, 2023