Top Tips For Washing Your Sex Doll Wigs

Sex dolls have become more realistic in recent years and one of the elements that has contributed to this is the hair. Gone is the obviously nylon stuff that might just crackle with static when it moves against your pillow, and instead you can enjoy something that either feels real or may be made from human hair.

That can provide a pleasant, realistic feel, but it also means it needs to be kept clean, synthetic or not.

True, it won’t be put through everything human hair is when subjected to the outdoor environment with its rain, air pollution, or being targeted by a pigeon. Nor will it sweat or attract the kind of bugs that thrive in living hair.

However, it can still pick up dust, sweat (yours, specifically), have things spilt on it, and attract bacteria on your pillow (of which there may be a lot), or bedclothes.

The good news is you can clean any doll’s hair, even the sort your sister played with as a kid.

Dolls Like Me advises that if you have a doll with human hair, the key is to avoid using either hot water or lathering the hair with shampoo, as either action can cause the glue attaching it to the scalp to melt, and the last ‘realistic’ thing you want is alopecia.

Use wig shampoo, mild shampoo, or baby shampoo and take the doll and tip her head upside down so the scalp is out of the water. Very gently lather the hair that is not near the scalp and allow it to air dry. This stage is also the time to remove any debris or tangles.

When putting the hair back on, do it from the back, with the hair allowed to cascade down. This is how to fit it so it is on properly, but of course, in this position, any remaining moisture can drip dry.

By gently washing your doll’s hair, you can enjoy the clean, fresh feel without it getting dirty. Indeed, if you have had past girlfriends with poor hair care, you may feel this is a distinct improvement!

August 27, 2023