Seductive Sex Doll In Bed

Who wants to buy a sex doll? Am I a pervert for wanting one?

Hell no. As much as the general public would love to pigeon hole sex doll owners, it’s truly impossible. Our customers are as diverse if not more so than any other customer demographic.  

For example, we sell to all sexes, couples and collectors, cosplayers and role-players, widows and widowers, young and the young at heart, gamers and gym-goers, photographers and fashionistas to name just a few. The other day we even sold one to a doctor so if that's not a healthy endorsement, I don't know what is! 

Everyone has their own very distinct personal reason to own a doll. We even have long-distance lovers who buy sex dolls as a gift for each other. Some own one, some own 21. Some people when asked, on the doll forum "how many “sex dolls” do you have?" will reply “None, but I have three emotional support silicone companions".  Or “I have a collection of sex dolls, none of which I use for sex, they are just dolls to me”. Some are motivated by sex, some are not. Some are motivated by one particular thing and it then it changes completely and unexpectedly.

To the critiques and shamers - we will say, in regards to the general demeanour of our customers, we’ve experienced nothing but the most civilised, polite, open and honest people and we can form quite a bond with some. It’s a sensitive item to sell, the trust and respect go both ways. We treat our customers how we would like to be treated if the role was reversed - with respect and kindness and a healthy dollop of humour. 

 We believe that sex dolls will lose their general negative connotation in the media, and eventually become much more socially acceptable and known simply as dolls not “sex dolls”.  We’d love to play a part in helping to educate the masses that it really is just about having healthy fun and for many, it’s companionship at the core of it. Ultimately, we want to help normalise doll ownership and educate people so that everyone understands it can be an amazing creative outlet and really positive for your mental health. Sexual health doesn’t need to be the primary reason, but it certainly is great for that too. It makes us happy that people are getting louder and prouder about doll ownership, and rightly so.

October 23, 2019