Avoiding Fake Sex Dolls & Sex Dolls Scams

How do I avoid a sex doll scam? 

A good rule to follow when buying your first sex doll is to avoid fake dolls and replicas. Let's not beat around the bush on this one, if you want an authentic love doll, you might want to avoid eBay, Amazon or Aliexpress. While I'm sure occasionally authentic dolls do pop up on these sites, for the most part, dolls listed on these sites are referred to as fake dolls (they are replicas) not made from the original moulds and made from inferior possibly toxic materials. Either that or they will trick you with stolen photos and deliver something else, that's if you even get a delivery. 

Another excellent resource is The Doll Forum's Blacklisted Sex Doll Website list. 100% worth a look if you don't fancy reading ahead, at least check out this list for your own sake! 60,000+ members can't be wrong!

Why shouldn’t I buy a sex doll from eBay or Ali-Express?

We personally check eBay regularly (just out of curiosity), and as an authorised and legitimate sex doll vendor registered in the UK, we can personally confirm that a large portion of the dolls we've seen on eBay are replicas. We have notified eBay of this countless times, unfortunately, not only are they disinterested, they fail to recognise that counterfeit sex dolls even exist! 

Now, if you’re new to sex dolls, you might be thinking- “What’s a fake sex doll? Surely a sex doll is a sex doll… no?”. Well, you’re not alone, and the reality is, most people don't realise that like any other product on the planet, the sex doll industry has developed renowned brands and reputable manufacturers with original designs and unprecedented quality. You'll soon realise if you buy one, a replica sex doll can look completely different from the pictures, the skin can tear and fall to pieces easily, they have a fragile skeleton and so on...

Unfortunately, there is an abundance of online stores offering sex dolls and a large majority of them are selling what are known as ‘fake sex dolls’. Some even set up their own sex doll review sites (under a different name of course), and recommend customers back to their own fake sex doll shops. Pretty sneaky if you ask us...

So what is a fake sex doll?

A fake sex doll is counterfeit or replica sex doll made from stolen designs in an unauthorised and dodgy factory with little to zero credentials/safety inspections/quality control. These factories often buy a genuine doll from a legitimate manufacturer and replicate it in their own factory. Then... they steal the original manufacturer's authentic photos and use them as "bait" to lure customers in and then switch it to an inferior doll, it’s a classic “bait and switch” conman trick. The doll you see in the photos is NOT the doll you receive. Just like you see with many other designer goods knock offs, they look similar, but something is not quite right. The very same thing is happening with sex dolls. It's a complete fraud. Fake dolls look similar to the photos, but are significantly poorer quality, with zero guarantees on production, zero safety checks, made from hazardous recycled TPE, and they don't comply with quality control legislation to ensure your safety, it's also a stolen design and a criminal offence. If you do buy a cheap fake doll, expect to receive a cheap fake doll. We hear horror stories of people even receiving blow-up dolls coated in TPE or dolls with no actual vagina or anus - now where's the fun in that?

Be careful out there people, I know many of us like a good deal and it's very tempting to seek out a good bargain (I know I do...), but a little patience, a little research and a little knowledge will go a long way in making sure you don't get scammed and disappointed. Remember, there's no rush and no pressure. Finding the right sex doll should be a fun experience when you have the support of a good vendor to offer you advice. We sometimes speak and advise for hours on live chat, sometimes over months with our customers before they are ready, you'd be hard-pressed to find a scam website do that. 

How can you identify a fake sex doll or a vendor selling fakes?

There are a few tell-tale signs, but scammers are always changing their tricks and improving their cons. That's how they make a living, but here are some key signs:

A. First and foremost: The vendor is not authorised or registered as a verified vendor on The Doll Forum. (The largest sex doll community in the world). Just because they are not on TDF does not mean they are fake so look dig deeper.

B. Dolls are sold as "unbranded", or specifically not disclosing the brand on their site. Ask them on their chat where their dolls come from and they will often claim to "make and design" the dolls themselves, yet they use official WM-Dolls professional photos. (WM-Dolls are one of the leading sex doll manufacturers in the world, the Nike of sex dolls if you will…) It's a bit like someone selling Fake Nike Air Max trainers and using Nike's professional photos, and then claiming that you design the trainers yourself and that you make them yourself in your own workshop, it's ridiculous if you think about it.

C. Scammers often sell their dolls at a fraction of the price of authentic dolls, in fact, we’ve seen many selling fake WM-Dolls cheaper than the wholesale price of authentic WM-Dolls. Sounds too good to be true right? Because it is. Although lately, we've seen scammers charging full price for their dolls, so this isn't a reliable measure of authenticity on its own.

D. They often have reviews ON their website and nowhere else online. This is a telltale sign of a scam site. Trust Pilot is a great review source because it does not allow sellers to control their reviews unlike others even seen on legit sites, like YOTPO, who allow their sellers to hide bad reviews and edit them.  You can also do a quick search on SCAMADVISOR and check if they are high or low risk. 

Investigating aside, the only foolproof way to check if a vendor is legitimate is to contact the manufacturer directly and ask if the vendor you are purchasing from is a registered vendor. If they're not, then they're fake, simple as that. On that note, please feel free to contact any of our manufacturers to confirm our legitimacy. All of our manufacturers can be reached directly on The Doll Forum

See the Blacklisted sex doll sites of scam sites to avoid listed by The Doll Forum. 

So what's with the No Entry signs?

I hear ya! Why have we put no entry signs on the doll's boobs and naughty bits on the blog poster at the top of this screen? Well, I ask myself the same question when I see fake sex doll sellers. Allow me to explain: I have never in my years of being a sex doll vendor EVER seen a legitimate vendor put no entry signs on the doll's photos, and the manufacturers certainly don't supply them with no entry signs on. The only sellers I have ever seen advertising dolls with no entry signs have been people selling fakes, replicas, knock-offs or scammers. Now, this might be a coincidence, but it seems to be very regular amongst the fake sites. Personally, because I've seen these no entry signs so regularly associated with scam sites, I now just assume anyone with these no entry signs on the photos is selling fake dolls. This is not necessarily a hard & fast rule, but it is certainly a red flag for me... 


Where can I buy an authentic sex doll from then?

Authentic sex dolls can be purchased from a number of verified sex doll vendors. Verified vendors can be found on The Doll Forum. The doll forum is debatably one of the best resources of information in the world for sex dolls with over 60,000 members and doll enthusiasts happy to give advice and share their knowledge. 

About verified vendors:

A verified vendor is a vendor who has developed partnerships with reputable and respected doll manufacturers and has authority and permission to distribute genuine sex dolls globally. They offer dolls that are made by the manufacturers - ie not replicas. A verified vendor will offer you a money-back guarantee on all purchases and will stand behind their product confidently. They will provide detailed information on the manufacturer of the doll you are enquiring about. They will provide detailed workshop photos of your own exact doll after it's been made for your personal confirmation/approval before shipment. A verified vendor will be able to offer full customisation options and will happily discuss any personal requests or unique customisations. They will provide their registered address and full contact details in the country that they operate from. They will be able to answer any questions you have and offer sound advice with extensive knowledge of sex dolls before you make any purchase so you can be certain you are making the right choice. And most importantly, they will offer secure & encrypted payment methods via their website.

On that note - We are a registered and verified sex doll vendor, located in the UK. We offer all of the above AND free advice. We are happy to answers ALL of your questions no matter how unusual you may feel they are, feel free to contact us for a chat - look for the little pink chat icon or check out our credentials using the contact form. We are here to help and give free advice: [email protected] 



October 23, 2019