What To Consider When Creating A Custom Sex Doll

Bedroom fantasies are becoming far more achievable these days, thanks to the rise in realistic-looking silicone sex dolls

Now men and women don’t have to close their eyes to imagine their greatest sexual encounter, as they can create the moment by customising a sex doll just like in their dreams.

Here are some things to think about when choosing your ideal sex doll.

Body shape

One of the most important things to get right is the body shape. If you want your doll to feel just the way you imagine your fantasy woman would, it is essential she has the right proportions. 

There is a huge variety of body shapes available these days, so if you fancy someone with a tiny waist and huge chest, an ample derriere, a lady who is larger than life, or a pretty petite girl with small assets, you’ll find just what you’re looking for. 

Make sure you look at the dimensions before buying to ensure you are getting one that will feel just right beneath the sheets..


For some people, the body is more important than the face. But for many, the face holds the key to their fantasy. 

So it is important to get the look just right. 

Every doll has different size eyes, nose and mouth, different jawlines, different eyebrows, and different cheekbones. 

You will only really know you’ve got the right face by taking a look at them all and seeing one that just clicks. 

Even if you change the body, hair and eye colour, you need to get the right face, otherwise some people find they lose their attraction and the whole point of having a realistic sex doll becomes redundant. 


Hair is a big part of the fantasy for many people. Some can’t get enough of long luscious locks, while others find pixie cuts incredibly sexy. 

Find the right wig for your doll, making sure you choose the right hair colour, wave and cut. 

The great thing about hair, of course, is you can keep changing it. So if you want to feel like you’re enjoying the company of a different lady every night, simply alter the wig. 

You’ll be amazed how different your sex doll will look in a long wavy blonde wig compared with a curly red do with a full fringe. 


There are other extras that can help make your sex doll truly perfect, from removable vagina insert to different teeth and tongues. 

You can even buy extra eyes in case you would like to change the colour of their eyes from time to time. 

As well as the usual blue, brown and green, some dolls also come with a choice of anime eyes in exciting colours, such as red, purple and even black. 

This can completely transform the look of your doll, allowing you to create different customised dolls whenever you want to. 

September 10, 2023