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Will AI Produce A Sex Doll Utopia Or Dystopia?

The idea of making a sex doll realistic is not just about taking the product way beyond the old idea of an inflatable item that is about as sexy as Anne Widdecombe: It also means creating something that can even echo an element of human personality in a way that suits you.

This means that alongside the best use of silicone to create a realistic appearance and feel, there is also the question of artificial intelligence, or AI. As this technology develops, many will ask just how it can be applied to sex robots, since it seems to be playing a growing role in other areas, for better or worse.

A recent BBC report on the topic of female AI robots noted this subject has already had plenty of coverage in popular culture, with female sex robots featuring in sci-fi like the film Blade Runner. It noted some folk have major concerns about the implications for human relationships of robots being sex partners.

Given the usual fear about AI in popular culture is that they will turn against humanity (like in the Terminator films), as opposed to the concern of people like Bill Gates that AI will destroy jobs, it might be argued that in a scenario where AI-powered sex robots become the norm, it will be a case of Skynet literally having us by the balls.

Ideally, AI might apply the best of machine learning principles to enable the next generation of sex dolls to know what a man likes in bed. But that may take some time yet.

As things stand, AI innovators may have some more basic issues to deal with. For example, the use of ChatGPT has caused a stir in its capacity to generate written content. However, a new study by the University of East Anglia has found that its default setting contains a left-wing political bias.

That may suit some folk more than others, but the fact the robot might have already decided what side of the political fence it is on without even having a vote could mean the most stimulating thing you can do with it will remain sexual, rather than a discussion of current affairs.

September 05, 2023