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What's The Best Way To Clean And Maintain A Wig?

Wigs can help to make a silicone sex doll feel more realistic and give a more authentic and enjoyable experience, but they can be tricky to manage and maintain, especially if you yourself aren’t used to dealing with long hair.

Luckily, most sex dolls have removable wigs which makes cleaning and maintaining the hair a lot easier.

While the hair may not need to be washed and cleaned as often as the doll itself, but hair can become tangled and messy, especially when bodily fluids or lubricants get stuck in the hair.

Washing a wig can be really quick and easy and once you get to grips with it, it will become second nature. Following some quick tips and tricks and watching online tutorials is a great way to learn how to wash and take care of wigs in the easiest and best way possible.

The first step in properly caring for a wig and before washing is to make sure you have thoroughly detangled the hair. Using a wide-toothed comb or a brush, gently comb the hair out and remove any knots or tangles.

This will help to make washing easier and will also reduce the time it takes you to detangle and style the wig once it has properly dried.

When washing synthetic wigs, it is important that you don’t use water that is too hot as this can damage the material the hair fibres are made of and can change the way they look and feel.

Using lukewarm water, fill a bowl or sink and add a small amount of shampoo. Using a shampoo which is safe for use on wigs is essential as this will ensure the hair is properly cleaned without damaging it.

The easiest way to clean the wig is to let it soak for several minutes and gently swirl it around. Lathering the hair can lead to it becoming tangled and matted and may ruin the wig.

Once you are happy it is clean, rinse the wig under clean running water and discard the shampoo water. A showerhead is best for this as it will gently rinse the water out without messing the hair up too much.

You can condition synthetic wigs, and this may help to make them feel softer and more realistic, however only use products that are safe for synthetic hair.

Once you have washed, conditioned and rinsed the dig, you can gently squeeze the excess water out and leave the dig to dry. Hanging the wig, preferably on a wig stand, is the best way to let the wig dry.

Synthetic hair does not usually pair well with heat, so air drying the wig overnight instead of using a hairdryer or other styling tools is the safest and most effective method of drying.

Once the wig is dry, you can gently comb and style if necessary, and then the wig is able to be replaced on your doll until the next wash day!

July 18, 2023