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What Is The Best Way To Properly Clean Your Sex Doll?

Properly cleaning and maintaining your silicone sex doll is the best way to ensure it lasts long and stays in the best condition. You should get into the habit of cleaning your sex doll thoroughly after every use as it helps preserve the doll's longevity.

When you first receive your sex doll, it is recommended that you thoroughly clean it before the first use. This is to help make sure any residue or materials left behind from production and manufacturing are removed for your safety.

It also gives you a chance to thoroughly check the doll over for issues and imperfections that may have otherwise been missed. This is important as any small tears, holes or imperfections can cause issues with the structural integrity of the doll as time goes on.

Proper storage of your doll is also essential to help prevent dust and dirt from building up. If your doll isn’t used frequently, or if you have a collection of dolls meaning some aren’t used as often, you should aim to thoroughly clean them every four to six weeks, even if unused.

One of the best ways to make clean-up easier is to use a condom. This helps protect the doll's interior from collecting bodily fluids, making clean-up a lot easier and being far more hygienic.

Using a towel to soak up any excess fluid, such as body fluids or lubricants, before cleaning helps to prevent you from smearing or wiping them around and makes clean-up much easier.

Clean the doll down thoroughly using a soap that is safe for the material the doll is made from and warm water. It is best to do this several times to ensure it has been properly cleaned.

You should also allow the doll to fully dry, inside and out before storing it to prevent any dampness from forming and to keep the doll in the best condition.

July 08, 2023