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6YE 85cm G cup Torso - Aurora

£1,060.00 GBP £901.00 GBP

The new 6YE torso with a removable masturbator insert for easy cleaning. This torso has all the benefits of a full-size doll, except is only half the weight! Perfect for easy handling and storage. The 6YE torso come with 2 inserts, so you can always have a clean one ready-to-go!

Designed and built by 6YE, a premium quality sex doll. Available now at Silicone Lovers. Turn your sex doll fantasy into a real-life love companion today at Silicone Lovers, a verified and trusted sex doll supplier - registered with TDF.

*This doll is only available with a restricted selection of heads, please contact us first if you want to select a different head. 

Size & Info

Brand: 6YE Amor
Model: 85cm G cup Torso
Head: Aurora
Height: 85 (33.5") - head included
Weight: 22kg (48.5lbs) - head included
Weight: 20kg (41lbs) - without head
Bust: 85cm (33.5")
Under-bust: 57cm (22.4")
Waist: 50cm (19.7")
Hip:  100cm (39.4")
Vagina Depth: 17cm (6.7")
Anal Depth: 15cm (5.9")
Oral Depth: 15cm (5.9")
Package Size: 90X33X25cm

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