DS Doll Clone Doll - Jie

£7,500 GBP

Sh#t just got real! (Well, as close to real as you can get...) 

EX Doll (Made by DS Doll) are launching a new line of ultra-realistic, never been done, as real as you can freaking get, human clones! Introducing... The Clone Series.

The first clone doll to launch has been created with the collaboration between EX Doll, the famous and absolutely stunning model 'Jie', and renowned photographer & artist WANIMAL.

EX Doll has developed a new, in-house technology for 3D body scanning which allows full 3D body scanning that captures microscopic details, down to the finest 0.3mm, even the tiny little hairs on the toe joints are captured.

Details are then replicated and hand-sculpted into a new wax-like silicone, and hairs are implanted into the clone's skin. Goosebumps are etched into the skin's surface, as well as raised bumps for the veins in the hands! No detail is left incomplete! This is next-level stuff guys and gals... 

Coming Soon... Available for pre-order only. 

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