Gynoid Model 5 - Callies

£4,240.00 GBP £3,604.00 GBP

Gynoid (Synthetic Humanoid), an amazing designer and manufacturer of life-like, hyper-realistic silicone love dolls. Gynoid Dolls specialize in the research and development of ultra-realistic silicone dolls and artificial intelligent robot lovers. 

With a team of highly experienced industry-leading artists specialising in 3D digital modelling and body sculpting of synthetic humanoids, the attention to detail is phenomenal and unmatched by any.  

Gynoid Technology provides an incredible collection of sex dolls. Brought to life using premium grade, platinum silicone with an internal alloy skeleton with engineered high-grade plastic "bones" that features full-range joints for extra mobility allowing realistic movements, amazing body positions and flexibility. Gynoid are one of the most popular and best silicone dolls in the world, and it's easy to see why... 

Customisation options include: Eye colour,  Pubic hair, Skeletal Joint Tightness, Vagina Type. 


Good to know 💡 

  • All Gynoid dolls feature articulated finger joints made with ABS material, with the exception of Model 9 which has metal articulated finger joints.
  • Model 5, Model 6 and Model 7 feature detachable arms.
  • Model 10 & Model 11 feature articulated toe joints, in addition to articulated finger joints.   


Default Features

  • Hand-finished freckles & skin pigmentation
  • Real skin surface texture and dimples with human-feel.
  • Full body high-definition skin finish by hand (including all joints)
  • Finger Nail Cuticles
  • Natural dimples
  • Natural skin creases and folds
  • Anatomically correct alloy skeleton 
  • Premium grade silicone
  • Standing Feet with hidden bolts (under skin)
  • Ultra-realistic vein painting
  • Premium permanent make-up
  • Fully articulated hands and fingers with hinged joints. 
  • 1 x Wig
  • 1 x Underwear (Bra & Panties)
  • 1 X Instructional leaflet


      Size & info. 

      Brand: Gynoid
      Head: Callies
      Body: Model 5
      Height: 160cm
      Weight: 28kg
      Foot length: 22cm
      Shoulder width: 34cm
      Underbust: 66cm
      Bust: 85cm
      Waist: 60cm
      Hips: 90cm
      Features: Removable Arms
      Material: Premium Grade Silicone & Alloy Skeleton
      Body Compatible with heads: Callies, Yui, Misato. 

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