Fiery Red Head Sex Doll with Super Huge Breasts - Gillian
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HR Doll 158cm Super Breasts - Gillian

$2,012.00 $1,708.00

HR's new super breast doll. This fiery redhead is a winner for sure, check out those boobs! If you're into tits (silly question really), and you're into redheads... Look no further... Gillian is your gal!

HR Doll is a trusted sex doll manufacturer, registered and verified on TDF, specialising in the research, development and production of sex dolls with a business philosophy of “Honesty, Quality, Service First”. HR Dolls are renowned for their realistic TPE sex dolls and fully silicone head designs, all of which are original & unique to the HR brand. The dolls are made from medical grade TPE, which is non-toxic, environment-friendly, and highly realistic to touch. HR dolls have an articulated, posable metal skeleton that gives them flexibility and strength.


Size & Info

Height: 5 ft 18in./ 158 cm
Head: 27
Brand: HR Doll
Bra Size: K cup
Bust: 39.37 in./ 100 cm
Waist: 19.3 in./ 49 cm
Hips: 35 in./ 89 cm
Underbust: 21.65 in./ 55 cm
Foot Length: 8.66 in./ 22 cm
Leg Length: 30.31 in./ 77 cm
Arm Length: 24.8 in./ 63 cm
Shoulder Width: 13.78 in./ 35 cm
Neck: 10.24 in./26 cm
Weight: 88.18 Ibs./ 40kg
Vaginal Depth: 8.66 in. / 22 cm
Oral Depth: 6.7 in. / 17 cm
Anal Depth: 5.1 in./ 15 cm