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JY Doll 163cm Hybrid - Fancy

$2,140.00 $1,600.00

This is a JY Doll hybrid doll. Hybrid dolls come with a TPE body and silicone head. Get the benefits of a super soft TPE body, with a hyper-realistic silicone head. Please note, due to the change of material between the head and body there may be a slight change in colour tone and skin texture between the head and the body.

The dolls have a fully posable metal skeleton that gives the doll both strength and flexibility which can be upgraded to their premium skeleton to allow for a higher range of motion in all the right places. The skin is made from premium grade silicone and TPE, specifically formulated by JY Dolls to create their perfectly soft dolls that are so realistic to the touch, you won't believe it! 

The silicone head is displayed with implanted hair, implanted hair is an optional upgrade. Dolls ordered "Same as photo" will come with a wig unless upgraded to include implanted hair. 

Important ⚠️

  • Implanted hair is not included when purchased as "Same as photo"
  • Implanted hair is a premium upgrade that can be found under "Would you like any upgrades & extras?"
  • Silicone heads do not have oral capability.
  • Consider adding a TPE head if you want oral capability.
  • Due to the different materials used, there can be minor differences between the body & head skin tone and texture.  

Size & Info

Height: 163cm
Body Height:144cm
Weight: 38kg
Upper Breast: 87cm
Under Breast: 54cm
Waist: 51cm
Shoulder Width: 33cm
Arm Length: 63cm
Hip: 87cm
Leg Length: 88cm
Vagina Depth: 16 - 18cm
Anal Depth: 15cm
Feet: 21cm
Material: Premium Silicone