Qita - Maid Ass


The Qita Maid Ass is a full-size vagina and ass masturbator with a perfect big bouncy butt. Penetrate deep inside her tight little ass or pussy lips – her two distinctly textured canals offer double the fun and stimulation.

Your lady playground is just getting started, and this perfect ass is the perfect addition. Explore and discover the realms of pleasure, stroke her soft skin, squeeze her peaches, spank her cheeks and slip inside for the ultimate pleasure explosion. Just lube her up and get ready for a slice of heaven. 

Forget about cheap imitations, this is as high quality as you can get when it comes to sex doll hips. These babies are the most realistic and sexiest hips on the market...

Thinking of buying a full-size doll but not sure if you'll like the feeling? This masturbator is the perfect sex toy to experiment with. Get the feeling of a full-size sex doll with this amazing big ass toy.  

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Size & Info

Length: 33cm
Height: 23cm
Width: 40cm
Hip: 112cm
Vaginal: 15cm
Anal: 12cm
Waist: 68cm
Weight: 15kg