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SE Doll 165cm C-cup Silicone Pro - Regina F

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Introducing the revolutionary Silicone Pro series by SE Doll, setting a new standard in lifelike doll craftsmanship. Each doll in this stunning collection boasts unparalleled features that redefine realism and elevate your experience to extraordinary heights.

🌺Lifelike Skin Texture:
Prepare to be captivated by the incredibly lifelike skin texture of the Silicone Pro dolls. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the silicone material replicates the softness, suppleness, and elasticity of real human skin, creating an unparalleled sensory experience. 

💋Realistic Oral Texture:
Indulge in the ultimate fantasy with the Silicone Pro dolls' realistic oral texture. Designed to mimic the sensations of a genuine human mouth, every kiss and caress feels remarkably authentic. The lifelike oral texture adds an extra dimension of realism, bringing your fantasies to life in breathtaking detail.

Hyper-realistic Body Painting:
Step into a world of artistic excellence with the hyper-realistic body painting featured on the Silicone Pro dolls. Each intricate detail, from delicate freckles to subtle shading, is meticulously hand-painted by skilled artisans, creating a mesmerizing visual feast for the eyes.

Amazing Softness:
Experience unparalleled comfort and sensuality with the amazing softness of our Silicone Pro dolls. Every curve and contour is designed to provide a luxuriously soft touch that envelops you in pure pleasure. 

Elevate your fantasies to new heights with SE Doll's Silicone Pro series—where lifelike realism meets unparalleled craftsmanship.


Size & info. 

Brand: SE Doll
Material: Silicone Pro
Head: Regina F #078SO
Weight: 33kg | 72.75 lbs
Height: 165cm | 5ft4
Bust: 80cm | 31.50 in
Cup: C-cup
Waist: 57.5cm | 22.64 in
Hip: 95cm | 37.40 in
Oral depth: 12cm | 4.72 in
Vagina depth: 16cm | 6.30 in
Anus depth: 14cm | 5.51 in
Foot length: 22cm | 8.66 in
Packing size: 156*41*29cm