Silicone Sex Doll 160cm - Maggie by Siliko Doll USA & UK
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Siliko 160cm - Maggie

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Next-generation Silicone love dolls by Siliko Doll. Siliko dolls specialise in super-realism, with ultra-realistic, high definition sex dolls. Made from premium medical grade, odourless silicone (not TPE) and an upgraded EVO skeleton that produces realistic human movements.  ​

Siliko Dolls come with a fixed vagina by default, insert vagina option is not available.


Size & info. 

Brand: Siliko Doll 
Height: 160cm 
Head: J5
Material: Silicone
Skin: White
Material: Silicone
Cup: L
Bust: 101cm
Under Bust: 62cm
Waist: 55cm
Hips: 91cm
Leg Length: 84.5cm
Arm Length: 46cm
Feet: 21cm
Weight: 40kg
Oral penetration: None
Vagina Depth: 16cm 
Anal Depth: 14cm