Starpery 169cm - Sarah

$2,140.00 $1,600.00

Starpery have launched their super realistic hybrid sex doll range and full silicone sex doll range. Choose between TPE body and silicone head, or opt for the full-silicone doll for an ultra-realistic finish. Starpery use their very own premium "platinum silicone" blend for that extra realistic feeling and super soft touch. All models have full-body, permanent painting and definition available. 

All Starpery dolls come with implanted eyelashes and implanted eyebrows as default.  

Important ⚠️

  • When selecting Same as photo, the doll will come with a wig, TPE body and realistic body painting by default.
  • Implanted hair is not included when purchased as Same as photo.
  • Implanted hair is a premium upgrade that can be found under the Would you like any upgrades & extras? button.
  • Dolls in photos are displayed in silicone, which is more detailed than TPE. You can read more about the differences between silicone & TPE dolls here
  • You can also upgrade to a silicone body, under the Would you like any upgrades & extras? button. 
  • Only heads with the Soft head upgrade will have oral function.
  • If you opt for a TPE body, there can be minor differences between the body & head skin tone and texture. 


    Size & Info

    Brand: Starpery
    Height: 169cm
    Head: Sarah
    Shoulder width: 38cm
    Bust: 84cm
    Waist: 58cm
    Hip: 93cm
    Tigh length: 51cm
    Calf length: 30cm
    Mouth to Vagina: 64cm
    Feet: 24cm
    Oral Capability: Yes, with the "Soft Head" option only.
    Oral Depth: 13cm (Soft head only) 
    Vaginal  depth:18cm - 19cm
    Anal depth: 16cm - 17cm
    Weight (TPE): 38.6kg
    Weight with Reduction (TPE): 28.9kg
    Weight (Silicone): 41.7kg
    Weight with Reduction (Silicone): 31.9kg