£25 GBP

Transform the look of your love doll with a new wig!

New hairstyle, new look, new doll! It's incredible what a change of hairstyle can do to your dolls appearance, it can completely change the whole look and feel of a doll's personality. When combined with new eyes, your doll will be almost unrecognisable! Give your doll an alter-ego or simply mix-it-up a bit to get the most out of your doll with a new wig 

Wigs differ from manufacturer to manufacturer, so be sure to let us know your doll's brand and head name/number so we can ensure you get the right wig for the right doll.

Please select your dolls brand and the wig number you would like. Did you know that Doll House 168 2019 series dolls can fit any of the Piper Doll wigs! 

*Wigs come directly from the manufacturer, delivery time can take two weeks. 

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