YL Dolls 171cm Love Doll | Rosalia

$2,170.00 $1,625.00

Rosalia is one smoking hot babe! The latest model to come from YL Dolls, a new companion, ready for you to take home whenever you want. Her skin is velvety-smooth & soft, she has extra-large jiggly breasts, a big juicy butt, thick thighs and a beautiful curvaceous body. Her skin is tanned and her lips are juicy and succulent. She just loves to have fun, she wants you to squeeze and spank her to your heart's content.

Rosalia is a high-quality sex doll made from TPE (Thermo Plastic Elastomer), it’s both hypoallergenic and eco-friendly, specifically developed to increase durability and longevity which attributes to her soft authentic feel. She has an articulated, posable metal skeleton that gives her flexibility and strength.

Size & Info

Brand: YL Dolls
Model: YL 171cm
Head: 316
Skin: Tanned
Total Height: 171cm/5 feet 57 inch
Weight: 43.8kg/96.56 lbs
Upper bust: 104cm/40.94”
Under bust: 69cm/27.16” 
Waist: 67cm/26.37”
Hip: 88cm/34.64”
Foot Length: 21cm/8.26”
Thigh Circumference: 51cm/20.1”
Calf Circumference: 30cm/11.81”
Leg: 90cm/35.43”
Arm: 16cm/6.29”
Shoulder: 45cm/17.71”
Package: 160*43*28