6 Amazing Custom Sex Doll Upgrades - Available Now!

I know for our next doll purchase we were all holding out for the rise of the fembots – those walking talking sex robots with the face of any woman you like. Those ones from the future that can look after your dishes and handle your junk for you – but coronavirus is here, it’s now, we’re lonely and we’re horny, give us something!

Well OK, how about the top 6 coolest upgrades that you can get for your doll, right now, here in 2020, not in Westworld circa 2050. 

1.      New Gel Breast upgrade from WM Dolls

 Just when you thought TPE couldn’t get any more jiggly, WM Dolls have come out with an ultra-soft version and implanted it into the breasts of their dolls.

Most other manufacturers (including WM up to this point) had only two options for breasts – solid or hollow. Solid meant that the whole breast was made with the same material in the rest of the doll, which would leave the breasts soft but still somewhat firmer than a real breast. Hollow meant that during the moulding process the inside of the breast would get no TPE fill, making the breast extra soft and more realistic to squeeze. However, the drawback with hollow breasts is that when you squeeze, you do feel the inside edges touch, stick, and release – which makes it feel a little bit less realistic.

WM Dolls came up with a great solution, to fill the hollow breasted dolls with an ultra-soft TPE material, one so soft that it has a gel-like consistency. Other vendors appear to be following suit, so take a look at the video and consider it for your next doll purchase!

2.      Vampire teeth for Sex Dolls (or normal teeth!)

Ever feel like your doll is a bit of a nympho succubus, or maybe a vampire out for a bite of your flesh? Why not make it official and get the vampire teeth upgrade (can we link to a page they’re available on if they're available separately?)  for her? Since this one isn’t from a doll manufacturer, but rather than aftermarket upgrade made by The Doll Factory in France, it means that these teeth are suitable for multiple dolls and they don’t have to be ordered with a doll when purchasing new. They can be used to give a new look to your existing dolls and for roleplay and photography etc.

Each one is handcrafted using a hard-setting resin and can be placed in most oral-sex capable dolls (if they don’t already have teeth). The different teeth and tongues connect via magnets to a mouthpiece inside, meaning that within each set, you can configure multiple looks and options. There are vampire's teeth, split/forked tongue and variations - take a look below!

vampire tongue and teeth set

3.      Sex Doll Vagina Customizations

All sex dolls are the same on the inside right? They have a vagina and it’s a certain length WHAM-BAM the magic happens. Well, not all sex dolls were made the same. Most companies do indeed simply sell the option of a fixed vagina or an insert and that is the end of it. However, Dolls Forever and their subsidiary brands Piper Dolls and Doll House 168, have gotten on board with the fleshlight train of having multiple different internal textures for their fixed vaginas. They have several different ones to choose from (10 at the time of writing), which are available depending on the size of your doll. So, if you wanted to collect them all, you’d need to configure a lot of different size dolls. What this means is that your doll is very unique, and the pleasure is tailored to the size, shape and girth of your own member – and the best part is, it doesn’t even cost any extra!

Finally something ribbed for his pleasure!

piper dolls internal vagina


4.      Virgin Sex Dolls with Hymen

One of the ultimate fantasies for men is the ever-elusive virgin. And if you are spending so much money on a girl shouldn’t she be saving herself for you? If you want to be totally 100% sure, well, there is the hymen option. Doll House 168 whom we met in #3 have a few different ranges of dolls, and within their EVO range, a customer can purchase a doll with an intact hymen. This means that initial penetration will result in hymen breaking for an ultra-realistic first time.

Remember to take it slow, maybe light some candles, get the camera recording – she’s going to remember it forever!

Doll House 168 Vagina type customization


5.     Ultra Realistic Sex Doll Uterus

What could be more realistic than having the feel of a cervix at the end of the vagina? JY Dolls have the perfect solution, with all their dolls you can upgrade them to have the uterus at the end for extra pleasure. But wait I hear you say - if they’re the only manufacturer doing it, how do we know it’s any good? Well don’t just take our word for it, here’s user "pdutus" on The Doll Forum:

“The uterus vagina (is) unrivalled…. (it) feels very realistic and I swear that if it were self-lubricating you'd be hard pushed to distinguish it from the real thing.”

So if you have cervix/uterus fetish, or an impregnation kink, this is the thing for you, but as pdutus says, this is unrivalled for pleasure, so it’s really a great option for absolutely anybody. The video below shows an example of what the fixed vagina with uterus option is like inside.⭐️

6.      Boombox box

Back to the fembots, we want gadgets! Luckily Dollhouse 168 has something for us again. A wireless speaker system built into your doll that will moan with pleasure whenever the breasts are squeezed or the vagina is used. An easy to re-charge USB socket located in the head allows you to keep the moans coming (and from the right place!). Thankfully it has volume control for when the neighbours are listening, and an on/off switch for when the parents are staying over.

Unfortunately, you can’t get the hymen option with the wireless speaker but due to its nature of starting automatically when the doll is touched, it adds its own level of realism, and also avoids some methods we've seen which involve hollowing out a space in the doll’s head to place an MP3 player! Plus, because it’s wireless, you can still remove the head without disturbing the speakers or sensors. Why not try scaring your roommate by putting the head in their cupboard and squeezing the doll's boobs from another room? 


May 21, 2020