Sex Dolls and coronavirus covid 19

These are dark times my friends. Coronavirus (aka Covid-19) has been declared a pandemic and there is not a single roll of toilet paper left on any of the supermarket shelves anywhere on earth (as far as we know). There have been fights over the last scraps of rice, flour and hand sanitizer, the stock market has been doing cartwheels, and the prince formerly known as Harry, has given up a life on welfare to go out and get a job. It’s a topsy-turvy world wherever you look.

Luckily, it’s totally possible to get through this. With just a small amount of preparation, you can buy a sex doll to ward off those Coronavirus blues.


Before we get to 5 reasons why a sex doll is a must-have item right now, let's answer some quick FAQs regarding coronavirus (COVID 19) and sex dolls:


1. Are we still taking orders?

Yes - Absolutely, business is open as usual. 


2. Are we still offering free discrete shipping to all countries around the world?

Yes - Shipping and postal services are running, as usual. There were some delays initially, but as long as the world keeps on turning, sex dolls will need to be delivered... 


3. Can I catch coronavirus from my new sex doll? 

No - According to a preprint published this week by researchers at the National Institutes of Health, Princeton, and the University of California, Los Angeles. They found that the virus remained virulent on surfaces for a period of 24 hours to a maximum of three days. So... with this information, we can safely say that in the extremely unlikely event that there was even a trace of the virus on the surface of your doll prior to shipment, the virus would be long gone by the time your doll has been delivered. 


Now that we've cleared that up... let's take a look at 5 reasons why you need to get yourself a sex doll quick-smart!


5. You Can’t Go Out On The Pull, Heck You Can’t Go Out Anywhere 

Concerts? Cancelled. Football? Cancelled. Parties? Cancelled. Nightclubs? Cancelled. I wouldn’t even recommend that you meet strangers on Tinder anymore, who knows where they’ve been or who has been sneezing on them. Public events are shutting down, people aren’t going out to cafes or shopping centres. So, what are they all doing at home? Enjoying their sex dolls of course! Companionship through it all – after a hard day of dragging yourself from shop to shop looking for toilet paper, you just want to come home to a friend who listens. A friend who can help you relieve some of that built-up tension.

Why not a Kardashian look-alike whilst you catch up with 17 seasons of the Kardashians? The only good thing with all this hiding away from social events is that you now have an excellent excuse not to pick up your mate from the airport.


4. Fourteen days of isolation

Oh no, you either walked into somewhere you shouldn’t, or you talked to someone who later turns out to have it – a health officer calls – they tell you you’ve got to isolate for 14 days just in case. Darn, what are you going to do for fourteen whole days – that’s two weeks of being by yourself. That’s solitary confinement, it’s a method of torture! If only you had some companionship, someone you could mess around with. After all, you might not even have it, you might just be fully healthy for two weeks in a room by yourself. If only…. If only you had a sex doll!

For the one-percenters out there, the ones who didn't manage to avoid the virus... If you're unfortunate enough to catch the virus yourself... and you want to have sex... Well, there aren't many humans out there that will jump in bed with you... But a sex doll... She doesn't mind if you have the virus- she's well and truly smitten with you, and no coronavirus can stop her jumping in bed with you, how's that for commitment!


3. Your doll can’t catch coronavirus

The good thing about sex dolls is they can’t catch the virus. Even if you yourself have it, even if you want to give it to them. They can't catch it, nor can she spread the virus by coughing or sneezing. All dolls arrive 100% virus-free. A lot of people are wondering whether you can get Coronavirus from packages coming from China, well experts are saying that Covid-19 can last on most surfaces from to 2-3 days... With postage times on most goods out of China being 2 approximately weeks, even if a doll was handled by someone who had Coronavirus, the virus would be long gone by the time of arrival. Experts have also confirmed that regular household cleaning products disable the virus in under a minute. We recommend cleaning your doll on arrival, regardless of coronavirus, this is something we've always advised, and it is also recommended to clean the doll after each use. So even if your doll nurses you back to health she’ll be clean as a whistle, and who doesn't want to have their whistle cleaned.


2. Sex dolls don’t mind if you slurp your chicken soup

Not only do dolls give a sense of caring and attentiveness, but they also don’t mind seeing you with a snotty nose and a head cold, that's because they never judge! They won’t mind if you slurp your soup, and they certainly won’t tease you and call it man-flu. They’re just happy to wait for you to heal on your own time, no negging, no nagging.


1. She won’t use any of your toilet paper

And the number 1 reason why sex dolls are the answer to the coronavirus: she absolutely won’t use any of your toilet paper. She won’t even ask why you bought so much. What more could you want in a girl?

March 16, 2020